Prof. Shi Mengze from the University of Toronto gives an Academic Lecture

On July 15, School of Business Administration invited Prof. Shi Mengze from Rotman Management College of University of Toronto to give an Academic Lecture at SD611 Meeting Room, focusing on “Behavior Economics and Marketing”. Prof. Shi will center around two of his published research papers and another paper to be published to analyze the impact of Psychological cognition, psychological value and social position on the consuming behaviors with an in-depth study of Probability and decision-making weight, reference group, loss aversion and the role played by the social status, privacy and social capital in the choice behavior of customers. The lecture given by Prof. Shi is easily acceptable based on the actual cases familiar to us, say, buying lottery, donation public bulletin, which can become the research themes and ideas to offer us much food for thought in our academic research.
After the lecture, some Ph.D students from our school reported Prof. Shi their respective research results, which won the recognition and beneficial comments from Prof. They have reached the consensus with Prof. Shi in respect of the research in some fields. 
The lecture is presided over by Mr. Cheng from School of Business Administration. And present at the lecture were teachers, including Fu Shaochuan, Xiao Xiang, Qiu Xiaodong, Zuo Li, Lan Zhe, Yang Xiangyu, Li Weidong, Shi Zhenlei, Yang Xu and Guo Ming, and 40-odd postgraduates.