Gong Xiaodong, Research Fellow of University of Canberra, Australia, made the academic report at our school

The other day, Gong Xiaodong, Research Fellow of University of Canberra, Australia, made the academic report entitled “International Latest Development of Public Policy Evaluation” at SD106.  Postgraduates from such specialties as Industrial Economics, Finance Science, Labor Economics, Technological Economy and Management, etc., and nearly 180 teachers from School of Economics attended the report activity which was presided over by Zhou Yaodong, associate dean of School of Economics.

First of all, Gong Xiaodong introduced the new definition of Public Policy, thinking that the project evaluation problem including the public investment could be attributed to the academic fields of the public policy evaluation. This definition not only expands the coverage for the application of the econometric model into the relevant fields but also plays a role in promoting the leading edge development of the public investment evaluation methods. Then, Prof. Gong presented an easily understandable introduction of the actual application of such Econometric models as Breakpoint Regression, D-in-D, etc., with enough cases. He also advanced the latest approach for the railway Quantitative measurement of the railway external benefits based on “With and Without Principle” based on the study case of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway.

This report activity was convened against the background of earnestly implementing the essentials of the meeting for enhancing the postgraduates’ academic research atmosphere. It was mutually agreed that the academic report activities could greatly expand the academic vision of postgraduates to achieve the efficient connection of the academic forefront wit the forefront of the Macroeconomic situation. The lecture related to the Econometric model at the report activity highlighted the practical application of methods and is of high value to enhance the applied economics as the first class discipline and the academic level of the postgraduates in the relevant disciplines. 

Prior to the report, Lin Xiaoyan, dean of School of Economics, Pan Haoran, the academic leader of Quantity ( Technical ) Economics Discipline exchanged notes with Gong Xiaodong concerning the application of the cooperation with National Natural Science Foundation and the joint education program for cultivating Ph.D candidates, etc.

Profile of research Fellow Gong Xiaodong
Gong Xiaodong, BSc in Management Sciences from Fudan University, MSc in Economics from Renmin University of China and Ph.D. in Economics from Department of Econometrics of Heidelberg University in Holland National Socio-economic Modeling Center of University of Canberra, Australia, concurrently associate professor of Economic Research Institute of Australian National University and researcher of German Labor Force Economic Research Institution. He studies at Australian Treasury Department, Economics Department of Asia-Pacific Institute of Australian National University, Department of Economics, and Department of Econometrics of Heidelberg University in Netherlands. He is mainly engaged in the application of Econometric model in such fields as the labor economy, publish policy evaluation, etc. and also sets up the first scholar society in Canberra—CSCS, and also serves at the first chairman thereof. He has published many academic papers at famous international journals, such as, Journal of Human Resources and Journal of Econometrics, etc.