Prof. Ming K. Lim from University of Derby will visit our school for Academic report

On the afternoon of October 17, 2013, Prof. Ming K. Lim from University of Derby was kindly invited by Management Engineering Branch to deliver an academic report entitled “The recent development of RFID adoption and its potential in logistics industry”. Prof. Ming K. Lim is a professor in charge of Supply Chain Development Center of University of Derby, concurrently working as the Adjunct Professor of MIT Global Transportation and Logistics Center (based in Malaysia), thus having achieved the extraordinary results in respect of Logistics and Supply Chain Operations.

Prof. Ming K. Lim, having taken the application of RFID technology in all sectors as the breakthrough point, gave an overall introduction of the advantages of RFID technology in contrast with the traditional barcode technology and also gave the detailed explanation of the current situation and the future trend of RFID technology by presenting the introduction of several research projects related to RFID technology, particularly the research themes concerning the smart city construction based on RFID technology and Green Logistics Research based on RFID technology, which drew the extensive attention from the teachers and students present at the report. Prof. Ming K. Lim alternated his report with witty remarks and his strong sense of humor by explaining away the profound theories in a simple and acceptable way, so his report was fully interactive and extremely instructive, offering the teachers and students much food for thought. 

More than 100 students and teachers attended the report meeting. Guo Jingjuan, deputy president of School of Economics and Management and a professor of Logistics Management Department has done a lot basic preparation for this academic report. Zhou Jianqin, secretary of Party General Branch and deputy president of School of Economics and Management presided over the report meeting.