RedAtoms, Inc

Job opening: assistant recruiter
Job responsibilities:
1. Assist the recruiter screening resumes and making appointments with promising job applicants via telephone. 
2 Assist in making arrangements for job interviews.
3. Update and maintain the recruitment channels, websites and resume submission system, as well as manage the job openings and related information.
4. Complete other assignments from the leader. 
Qualification requirements:
1. Bachelor’s degree or above. 
2. Logically sharp-minded, smart, resilient and highly communicative.
3. Proficient in use of Microsoft Office, meticulous, responsible and teamwork-oriented.
4. English-speaking candidate preferred.
5. At least four days available for work per week and no less than 3 months of internship. 
Company profile:
公司名称:北京乐迪通科技有限公司(中文)   RedAtoms, Inc.(英文)
Company name: RedAtoms, Inc.
Scope of business: mobile internet application development
Founded in 2009 as a mobile social game developer and headquartered in San Francisco with branches in Beijing and Tokyo, RedAtoms Inc has been on a mission to provide consumers with the bridge to mobile online sociality and recreational resources, committed to bringing consumers high-quality, social and creative game contents.
-     Achievements: focused on smartphone markets in China, Japan and Asia-Pacific region. Two games ranking the first place among games run on iOS and Android in China, including a card-and-poker game called “Three Kingdoms Coming” which has been topping the marketing chart, as well as highly popular music game “Music Talent” that has become one of the most sought-after mobile phone games in China.
-     Company’s background: with capital investment from a famous venture capitalist in the Silicon Valley, the company maintains strategic partnership with Disney and Samsung and jointly developed and operated many computer games. The members of startup management team graduated from Harvard, Stanford, Berkley, South California University,  
-     The company’s manpower comprises graduates from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Telecom and Post, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Aerospace, Beijing Jiaotong University, Wuhan University, Harbin Polytechnics University, Shandong University, Jilin University, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology and Sydney University.  
-     Remuneration and benefits 
1. Competitive pay and bonus 
2. Social insurance package
3. Free access to fitness room, meal allowance, paid annual leave, weekend party, birthday party and other employee benefits. 
By joining RedAtoms, you will be enabled to:
-     To create game products that will be used by millions of users. 
-     Witness the historic moment of rapid growth of mobile internet and the company as well.
-     Understand and learn the cutting-edge technology and business model from Silicon Valley and Japan. 
-     Embrace a corporate culture of pursuit of excellence, innovation and teamwork. 
In addition, job openings involving use of foreign language are urgent, especially in terms of Korean language. Interested job applicants are welcome to contact us.
The pay scale for all interns is 100 Yuan per day plus 200 Yuan meal allowance per month. Interns are required to work four days per week and least for 3 months.