NXP Beijing Co., Ltd

About the company:
NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ:NXPI) was founded in 2006 and formerly known as Royal Phillips Semiconductor Business Division, with over 50 years of semiconductor business experience. With its cutting-edge expertise in RF, simulation, power management, interface, security and data processing, the company provides a wide range of innovative products and solutions, which are widely used in automobile, intelligent recognition, wireless infrastructure, lighting, industry, mobile, consumer and computing sectors. The company has business execution agencies in 25 countries worldwide, generating business income of 4.2 billion dollars in 2011. For more information about NXP, please visit www.cn.nxp.com.
Main job responsibilities 
1.         Reimbursement audit of the subsidiary company in Beijing: review reimbursement vouchers and make payment according to the company’s policy. 
2.         Prepare documents and financial statements for recognition by the tax authority. 
3.         Prepare related payment documents and consolidate the itemized financial statements.
Qualification requirements:
1.       University degree in accounting or finance. 
2.       Proficient in reading and writing in English.
3.       Proficient in use of Excel and Word software and etc. 
4.       Highly communicative and patient.
Hourly rate (15 Yuan RMB per hour worked for university student, 20 Yuan RMB per hour worked for postgraduate student), 2 or 3 days per week (subject to further face-to-face consultation) . 
You Wei, at 010 85208501, Email: angela.you@nxp.com