Job openings at Beijing Huasheng Zhongtian Consulting Co., Ltd

1. Company profile 
Founded in April 2001, Beijing Huasheng Zhongtian Consulting Co, Ltd is an integrated consultancy providing specialized consulting services in the fields of social and economic development, operating with the Class A national engineering consulting qualification, Class A license as government procurement agency and candidacy as biding agency for central government-financed projects. It is an executive council member of China National Association of Engineering Consultation (CNAEC), member of International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), executive council member of China Association of Plant Engineering Consultants (CAPEC), member of China Tendering & Bidding Association, member of China Association of Technology Consultation and member of Beijing Association of Engineering Consultation£¨BJAEC£©.
The company comprises technical and quality department, evaluation and review department, performance appraisal department, policy research department, bidding agency department, engineering consultation department, project costing department, audit consulting department, asset appraisal department and general management department, armed with a group of veteran, highly competent professionals well familiar with domestic and overseas market environments. Of the company’s manpower, 90% have bachelor’s degree or above, over 50% have medium and senior professional titles and over 30% possess registered license. The company also operates through an expert panel comprising over 2000 consultants, including academicians, famous scholars and other senior professionals, with a professional, science-based and practical consultant information system that covers numerous fields of the national economy and social development. 
Since its inception, the company has undertaken a large number of consultancy projects in the fields of science and technology, education, culture, agriculture and public health, completed a total of over 500 projects including project definition and evaluation, performance appraisal, investment project documentation, project costing, subject-matter research and financial management consultation, involving a total contract price of over 100 billion Yuan.
2. Benefits and remuneration
(1). Working hours from 8:30-16:30 Monday to Friday, lunch break from 11:30 to 13:00, entitlement to public holiday; full-time employee has one-day paid sick leave or private-affair leave each month; employees who have worked for more than a year are entitled to 10 to 20-day vacation during the National Day and Spring Festival holiday. 
(2).Tour and trade union activities: employees who have worked for more than a year are entitled to company-financed tour and trade union activities. 
(3). Social insurance package: the company provides social insurance coverage and public housing fund contribution for the benefits of full-time employees. 
3. Job openings and requirements 
Job opening: assistant to project director (intern)
(1)Job openings: 2 or 3
(2)Job responsibilities: assist with written translation or oral interpretation for international projects, consolidate and analyze project documents, prepare project reports and other documents, assist with internal and external communication to facilitate project implementation and consolidate and archive project data. 
(3) Qualification requirements 
1.Full-time graduate or postgraduate students majored in English and interested in consulting business.
2. Good-looking, strong skills of communication.
3.Good writers preferred.
4. Contact details
Company name: Beijing Huasheng Zhogntian Consulting Co., Ltd
Add: Room 1103, Tower B, Jinyun Building, #43, A, Xizhimen North Avenue, Haidian District, Beijing.
Please send your resume according to the following requirements in order for your job application to be considered.
1. Job applicants shall send personal information to the aforesaid email address, with the subject and resume title indicating applicant’s name, educational attainments, school and target position.
2. Personal information includes C.V. (required) and full-face photo (required).