The Integration of Industry-Finance Capital (IIFC)Research-School of Economics and Management (SEM),Beijing Jiaotong University


       1. Fulfilling teaching tasks of The Integration of Industry-Finance Capital (IIFC) and Transportation areas;

       2. Building The Integration of Industry-Finance Capital (IIFC) research team by bringing in academic and practical resources from home and abroad.

Position: 1

Job Requirements:

       1. Obtained Ph.D. degree from world-class universities with interdisciplinary backgrounds of Economics, Finance, Management and Engineering;

       2. 10 years¡¯ work experience in Industrial Practice Research and Capital Market Research;

       3. Has abilites to Complete research subjects independently and published high-level papers and academic works as the first author;

       4. 10 years¡¯ research and work experience in capital market:

1). Those who worked in the top research institutions at home and abroad will be given prior considerations;

2). Those who worked in the Fortune Global 500 or large investment companies at home and abroad will be given prior considerations.

       5. Has advanced technical writing and research skills in English or other foreign languages;


       1. Sign the labor contract according to the school regulations with insurance and housing fund;

       2. Location: Beijing Jiaotong Univeristy

       3. Highly competitive salaries and benefit packages, commensurate with experience and academic accomplishment;


Qualified applicants are invited to submit the following materials:

A cover latter



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