Regulations for ¡°Overseas Visiting Scholars¡± Employment of School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University

The regulations are developed based on the ¡°Talent Elevation Plan¡±of the University to encourage and support the academic exchange between overseas scholars and School of Economics and Management (SEM), facilitate the academic internationalization of SEM, and enhance the international academic influence of SEM.

1. Aims and Principles

Overseas visiting scholars refer to overseas scholars who are invited to teach or conduct research work at SEM for 30 working days or above.

Overseas visiting scholars applying for the working positions should hold PhD degrees and have published at least 3 peer-reviewed journal articles.

According to the demands of key disciplines, key research projects, key lab construction and talent cultivation, SEM employs overseas visiting scholars adhering to the principles of ¡°recommendation, expert review and selecting the best¡±. By signing contracts, candidates will be clear about the aims and plans including talent introduction, talent cultivation, discipline construction and research responsibilities as well as international achievements required to complete in course delivery, graduate student instruction, joint research project application, funding and joint paper publishing and patent application.

2. Forms of Cooperation

Overseas visiting scholars must undertake teaching work during the visiting period. Courses taught by overseas visiting scholars individually or collaboratively (the amount of collaborative teaching hours will be calculated by individuals respectively) should be included in the SEM official graduate student curriculum system (subject to the system of Graduate School). Each overseas visiting scholar should complete 16 individual teaching hours each month. Overseas visiting scholars who have a contract of more than one year should complete 128 individual teaching hours each year. The salary, housing compensation and travel fare are as follows:



¡¡¡¡Housing Compensation

¡¡¡¡No more than 9,000 RMB/month or on-campus apartments

¡¡International Travel Fare

¡¡According to the actual fare of Economy Class

We encourage joint research between overseas teaching scholars and SEM teachers. According to the demands of the key research projects undertaken by SEM, we employ overseas teaching scholars to conduct deep joint research with SEM full-time teachers in order to accelerate research schedule and reach research achievements faster. Incentives for paper published by employed overseas teaching scholars are consider are considered the same with BJTU SEM full-time teachers. According to the incentive measures for iconic research achievements of BJTU SEM, if a published paper fulfills the following requirements, the paper will be rewarded 280,000 RMB:

SCI/SSCI Division 1 or Division 2 Journals; or AJG (former ABS) 3-star (or above) Journals (per year);

Signature of the paper: BJTU as the institution of the first author or the corresponding author or as the institution of the first author and the corresponding author or the equivalent contributions (where all the authors are in the alphabetical order or the paper clearly states the equivalent contributions of the author), and SEM collaborative teacher as the first author of the corresponding author, or the equivalent contributions. If the author has multiple institutions, only the first one will be recognized.

3. Employment Management

The selection of overseas visiting scholars should following the development plan of SEM. Priorities are the scholars in the field of Transport and Transportation, Modern Logistics, Capital Finance, Information Technology, Construction and Property, Tourism and Health etc.

Overseas visiting scholars can apply individually or apply jointly with SEM teachers who tend to collaborate with overseas visiting scholars. SEM will help individual applicants to choose a SEM collaborating teacher. A SEM teacher cannot work with more than 2 overseas vesting scholars at the same time.

Applicants should first be included in the national level (university level) foreign expert introduction project and HR office short-term employment project applied by a SEM teacher. A SEM teacher should be aware of the scholars¡¯ specifies, attitudes toward China and purposes of visiting China. Final decisions will be made after approval of SEM talent construction committee.

The final candidates of overseas visiting scholars will be made by SEM talent construction committee. As the teaching staff of SEM, overseas visiting scholars¡¯ resumes will be partially presented on the SEM website.

SEM International Exchange Center and HR Office will be responsible for evaluating overseas visiting scholars and provide feedback.

Warmly welcome overseas visiting scholars to join SEM. Please send your resume to

Address: Human Resources Office, School of economics and management, Beijing Jiaotong University, No. 3, Shang Yuan village, Haidian District, Beijing.

Postcode: 100044

Contact: Mrs Yang

Contact No.: +86-10-51683841

College page:¡¡

4. Others

The regulations start to take effect on the day when it is approved by the SEM Party-government meeting.

If there are unmentioned issues or conflicts between the regulations and Laws, constitution of BJTU and regulations on talent work, it is subject to Laws, constitution of BJTU and regulations on talent work.

The talent construction committee of SEM Academic Committee is responsible for interpreting the regulations.