First lecture entitled ˇ°Honorable Return of Outstanding Alumniˇ± kicked off

On the evening of October 16, 2013, the first lecture entitled “Honorable Return of Outstanding Alumni” under Postgraduate Academic Attainment and Career Planning Series Lecture of School of Economics and Management kicked off. In this lecture, Mr. Li Jing, an excellent MBA schoolfellow of Grade 1999 was kindly invited as the VIP lecturer for a speech entitled as “Well Scheduling your Career, Enjoying a more brilliant life”. 

Li Jing, a famous Human Resource Management expert in China, is currently the deputy CEO of Beijing BSH Information Technology Co., Ltd. He once served as CHO (Chief Human Officer) of McDonald's, director of Xinhua Department Store, Chief Senior Director of Human Resources of Wumart Group, CHO of PriceSmart, etc., having published three books ,particularly “Labor Cost Control”, etc., and a dozen research papers. Cui Yongmei, deputy party secretary and deputy president of the school and Song Guangsen and Tan Jie, postgraduate instructors, and 200-odd postgraduates attended the lecture.

Li Jing introduced the career planning philosophy by applying his own work and life experience and elaborated on the importance of the personal growth in the career planning. He also gave the detailed interpretation as to such questions as what the career planning is, how we can prepare and draft our career plans in view of self-recognition, Cognitive environment, Assessment opportunities, Identifying the target, working out the specific plans, implementation/assessment, etc., and how to implement the career plans from the perspective of learning and development initiatives, occupational attitude, result-based behaviors, scientific pursuit, etc. In the Interactive communication part, the postgraduates took their initiatives to express their anxieties and concerns about the career, based on which Li Jing gave the delicate answers with great patience, thus having won the outbursts of applause from the teachers and students present at the lecture.

This lecture not only catered to the anxieties and concerns of career planning for the postgraduates who are going to graduate in 2014, but also facilitated the other postgraduates who would stay a little longer on campus to have further understanding of their career planning. As scheduled, the school will continue to conduct the academic attainment and career planning series lectures and the relevant experts, scholars and excellent schoolfellows will be kindly invited as the lecturers.