Monash University successfully preaches 2+2 joint training program

On October 9, 2013, professor Cherrie Zhu, the international program director at Monash University Business School, visited the School, where vice president of the School Zhang Li and director of international exchange center of the School Lv Xiyan held a discussion meeting with the visitor, with focus on the possible cooperation between the two schools on undergraduate program. The both sides expected to take this opportunity to deepen the communication and exchange between Monash University and the School and establish a cooperative relationship in many more aspects.

After the discussions, Professor Cherrie Zhu preached Monash University’s 2+2 joint training program to undergraduate students at the School, covering the cultural environment and cultural life in Australia and Melbourne, the history of Monash University and the curriculum of the business school. Undergraduate students at the School responded positively to the presentation, with many students expressing a strong desire to participate in the joint training program in order to enhance academic performance and broaden their international vision.

Founded in 1961, Monash University is one of the largest national universities in Australia, one of the most competitive Australian universities, a world-renown research-intensive university as well as one of the Group of Eight in Australia. In 2011-2012, it earned the 60th spot on the QS list of global universities, ranked among the top 50 worldwide with 18 disciplines and was recognized by New York Times as the Australian university with graduates most favored by global top CEO employers in 2011. Monash University signed a 2+2 joint undergraduate program agreement with BJTU School of Economics and Management, whereby the undergraduate students of the School may proceed with two-year program at Monash University after completion of two years of study at the School, with possibility of acquiring credentials from both sides after successful graduation.