BJTU School of Economics and Management holds a discussion meeting for CPCs mass line education practice

In order to further the CPC’s mass line education practice at BJTU, review how well teachers learned from the guidance documents from the central government and BJTU previously distributed by the School, seek the suggestions from teachers concerning the activities of the School, the School held a discussion meeting for mass line education practice in the meeting room SD611 on September 25 to seek input from the participant teachers and students and plan for the subsequent efforts to further the mass line education practice. A total of 52 participants attended the meeting, including He Daiping, the head of the third supervision team at the school, the school’s leadership, leadership of branch schools, deans, secretaries of Party branches (including student secretaries of Party branches), coachers and teacher representatives.  The meeting was chaired by the secretary of Party committee of the School Zhang Mingyu. 

Participating teachers provided a string of targeted, constructive suggestions and comments concerning the possible improvement to the teaching and research practices, learning environment and services of BJTU and the School, with a strong sense of responsibility and in light of their teaching and learning practices. The School’s leadership attentively listened to the comments and suggestions of participants, interacted and communicated with representatives to explore the possible solutions to identified problems and issues, vowing to identify and resolve the problems in a timely manner with a pragmatic mindset. 

Last, secretary Zhang Mingyu gave a wrap-up speech, saying that the school’s leadership will take a closer look at all comments and suggestions from participants and resolve any identified problems in a timely manner with a view to seeking truth from facts and serving teachers. By resolving problems, the School needs to standardize more management practices in order to constantly improve the management performance. Meanwhile, the School’s leadership is expected to further the mass line education practice, take in comments and suggestions from teachers and students, develop and effectively implement corrective measures against identified problems, improve the quality and performance of service activities and use the comments and suggestions from teachers and students as the primary way to accelerate the building of the School so as to constantly improve the quality of development of the School.