Information Theory and Technology International Research Center convenes the kick-off meeting for LISS¡®2014 International Conference

On the morning of September 27, 2013, Information Theory and Technology International Research Center(ITTIRC) convened the kick-off meeting for 4th International Conference on Logistics, informatics and Service Science (LISS‘2014) International Conference, which was presided over by Prof. Zhang Zhenji, executive director of ITTIRC.

First of all, Prof. Zhang presented an overall summary of the convening of 2013’LISS and its financial conditions and congratulated on the dual retrieval of 2012’LISS conference proceedings by CPCI-S (formerly ISTP) and EI, and also put forward the building of the model for the mutual development of LISS International Conference and Economic Discipline to equate the economics and management science. The center joined alliance with China Center for Industrial Security Research and University of California, Berkeley to jointly launch the international academic conference concerning the economic discipline-- International Conference on Industrial Economics and Industrial Securities, IEIS.        

Prof. Zhang Runtong, director of Department of Information Management made the specific arrangements for the kick-off of LISS’2014 International Conference and the first session of IEIS’2014. Participants discussed the relevant matters of LISS’2014 Conference and the corresponding problems, thus having reached the consensus about the relevant documents for the conference kick-off. The kick-off meeting for LISS’2014 and first session of IEIS’2014 would lay the solid foundation for the success of the two separate international conferences. 

LISS Annual Conference was initially and jointly launched by ITTIRC of Beijing Jiaotong University, University of Reading and Pennsylvania State University, etc. The previous three sessions were respectively convened in Beijing in China and Reading in England, having attracted more than 600 participants from 30-odd countries and the conference proceedings have been retrieved by CPCI-S (formerly ISTP) and EI, and 80% of the amended and enlarged high-quality research papers adopted by the conferences have been successively published in 20-odd international academic journals and can be retrieved by SCI, SSCI and EI. This international conference has obtained a certain academic influence and the confirmation of its academic achievements. 

2014 Conference was jointly sponsored by School of Economics and Management, ITTIRC and China Center for Industrial Security Research, undertaken by University of California. The conference is scheduled to kick off at University of California, Berkeley in July 2014, aiming at highlighting the academic discussion and exchange of the important research themes and achievements in the fields of logistics, informatization and management sciences to seize the future development opportunities and keep pace with the scientific development trend, and exchange the latest research achievements and academic ideas. The conference has won the vigorous support from 7th Framework Programme (FP7), Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), K. C.  Wong  Education Foundation of Hong Kong, University of Reading, University of California and Springer-verlag.
Modified on October 8, 2013