School of Economic Management Convenes the Mobilization Meeting for Party's Mass Line Educational Practice Activity


On the afternoon of September 6, Mobilization Meeting for Party's Mass Line Educational Practice Activity was convened by Party Committee of School of Economic Management at Meeting Room 821 of East Siyuan Building. Present at the meeting were Mr. He Daiping, head of the Third Supervision Group of the University Educational Practice Activity, Mr. Li Zhibin, Mr.Xu Min, members thereof, some of the school leaders, Academician Xu Shoubo and all Party members of the faculty.
First of all, Mr. Zhang Mingyu, the Party committee secretary gave the specific instructions about the mobilization meeting, pointing out the importance of the Party's Mass Line Educational Practice Activity and required all participants at the meeting to earnestly implement the general principle of “Rigorously disciplining ourselves, strictly conducting ourselves, strengthening the daily review and reflection and remedying mistakes or wrongdoings”, clarifying the activity focal points. So all Party members and cadres are required to improve their awareness and earnestly engage in this educational practice activity.
Mr. He Daiping, head of the Supervision Group, gave the specific requirements for this educational practice activity, emphasizing the greater efforts should be made to promote the overall mass line educational practice activity, have a good command of the basic requirements of this activity. He continued, the University Supervision Group will perform its duties, positively and earnestly push forward the supervision and the relevant work with better performances.
After the meeting, all teachers present at the meeting gave the democratic appraisal of the work style of the school leadership.