School of Economics Carried out Summer Social Practice with a Theme of "Re-take the Road of Long March and Construct Key Disciplines"


By the time when leadership of our school deployed the implementation of education practice along party's mass line, school of economics organized leaders and backbone teachers of Class-A discipline of applied economics to carry out social practice with a theme of "re-take the road of Long March and construct key disciplines" in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture from August 20 to 26, following principles of "train hard for inner strength, overcome difficulties, face to the society and construct discipline".
The team for "Gannan trip" organized by School of Economics consisted of 21 participants in total including Professor Liu Yanping and Professor Zhaojian with dean of the school -- Lin Xiaoyan as the leader and assistant dean and secretary of the school -- Buwei as the deputy leader, which would experience the most dangerous section taken by Red Army for Long March being as snow mountain and grassland, in a way to learn spirits of revolutionary martyrs to attain victory under extremely bitter conditions and seek for new power to develop Class A discipline of applied economics.
On August 21, the team of Economics School arrived at Lanzhou where participants visited "Memorial of Eighth Route Army's Office in Lanzhou" in the morning and organized a discussion about "learning to revolutionary martyrs and seeking for development of key disciplines of applied economics". Teachers participated enthusiastically made speeches and suggested plans for discipline development, showing their wills to carry forward sacrifice spirit of revolutionary martyrs. On August 22, the team got in the Ruoergai Prairie to experience meadow and swamp where Red Army used to walk across. And then in the theme discussion, teachers showed their determination in succession to learn spirits of Red Army going as fearless of hardship, tiredness and even sacrifice and contribute to development of Class A discipline of applied economics in Beijing Jiaotong University.
To overcome difficulties, advance bravely and accomplish faith even though paying off the cost of life constituted the in-depth experience of this trip to re-take the road of Long March. Taking construction of Class A discipline of applied economics as its own mission, School of Economics convened several symposiums for discipline construction during this trip and had attained the orientation of discipline construction, i.e. besides meeting various external standards of Education Ministry to evaluate discipline levels of different schools, also placing emphasis on internal standards to measure maturity of discipline development, including: (1) set specific fields for the discipline and put forth relevant major problems on science; (2) form approach and theoretical system with features of the discipline; (3) play an irreplaceable role in the economic life; (4) with a number of qualified scientists and accumulate a great deal of discipline achievements. Fundamentally, enduring of a discipline shall be measured by four standards mentioned-above, which became into a mutual recognition. Participating teachers agreed that "integration and improvement" would be an important starting point in quite a period of time to improve quality of teacher and dicipline for Class A discipline in applied economics.
This event is the first time of large-scale social practice and first outdoor discipline research since inception of Economis School. With strong support from SEM, elaborate organization by leaders of Economics School, working as a team and mutual help of participating teachers, this event promoted exchanges and understanding between colleagues, and demonstrated the team spirit of Class A discipline in applied economics. Teachers spoke highly of the event and hoped such a meaningful social practice could be organized every year.