SEM Went to Yangyuan of Hebei to Carry out Investigation and Donation


The delegation led by Liu Yanping -- dean of SEM went to Gaoqiang, Yangyuan, Hebei and its central school to carry out investigation and donation on July 25, 2013 accompanied by Dong Weijun -- director of corporation cadre office of Hebei SASAC, Lv Siyuan -- researcher of corporation cadre office of Hebei SASAC and Liu Zhongping -- member of the standing committee of Yangyuan Party committee. The delegation of Beijing Jiaotong University first came to Mingde Primary School -- the central school of Gaoqiang to learn about the school's facilities, teaching resources and teachers and then paid a in-depth visit to Nanda Zhuangke Village to know about the situation of basic education in rural areas.

Ceremony of donation made by SEM to central school of Gaoqiang Yangyuan was held in the meeting room of Yangyuan Education Council. The donated items included computers and air conditioners (can be used normally after repair). Leaders having participated in the ceremony include Liu Yanping -- dean of SEM, Cui Yongmei -- vice dean of SEM, Gong Shoujiang -- director of EMBA Education Center, Li Jianfu -- deputy chief of Yangyuan County, Li Guangshou -- deputy chief of Yangyuan County, Xue Jianming -- director of Yangyuan education council, those from poverty alleviation office of Yangyuan and etc. The donation ceremony was presided over by director of Yangyuan education council -- Xue Jianming.


Liu Yanping presented the century-old history and discipline development of SEM, and stressed that SEM will establish long-term partnerships with Yangyuan, encouraging students to attend "pair activities" towards Yangyuan and assigning professors to train teachers in Yangyuan, by which to make a contribution to rural education. Principal Gaoqiang central school -- Zhao Guiyu acknowledged our school with best thanks and showed the will to make full use of these devices to create better conditions for the school. Deputy chief of Yangyuan County -- Li Jianfu thanked our school for the great help offered in the occasion when the newly-built school was lack of educational aids and hoped to strengthen the links with our school, building Yangyuan as the practice and experiment base to further enhance exchanges in the field of economy. After the ceremony, the county party secretary – Wang Biao met with the delegation of Beijing Jiaotong University and deeply exchanged on topics such as economic development, industry cultivation and rural education of Yangyuan.


Locating at north-west of Hebei, Yangyuan is a state-level poverty-stricken county governing 14 towns and 301 administrative villages with a total population of 280,000. Education in Yangyuan is facing to insufficient investment in basic education of rural areas and other difficulties due to financial constraints. Donation activity of our school serves as the transmission for love and hope, reflecting one more time of "responsibility" which acts as the core value of our school.