Three Disciplines of School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University Come up Top in the Fourth Round of China Discipline Ranking

December 28th, China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center, the Ministry of Education announced the results of the fourth round of China Discipline Ranking, and the participating disciplines of our school obtained gratifying outcome with three first-level disciplines came up top. Among the list, our discipline of Business Administration ranks top 10% and stands in the A- Rating; Applied Economics, top 20% and B+; and coincidentally, Management Science and Engineering, top 20% and B+. This marks a significant milestone in our schools discipline construction.  


In the future, to fulfill our vision ofbeing a business school guiding industrial development of Chinaand mission of contributing business wisdom, cultivating leading talents, benefiting economy and society, School of Economics and Management will strive to achieve excellence in our complete work including personnel training, scientific research, social service, the inheritance and innovation of our culture and international communication and cooperation and continuously enhance the influence of our academic disciplines.

 Disciplines List of School of Economics and Management that Ranks the Top 20% in the Fourth Round Discipline Ranking

Result Rating


A -5%-10%

Business Administration

(participating universities amounting to 240)


Applied Economics

(participating universities amounting to 155)

Management Science and Engineering

(participating universities amounting to 187)

Note: The fourth round of discipline ranking for the fisrt time published the result based on grade division without the exact score and rank, stressing not on the precise differences among the participants scores and placements. The evaluation, applying percentile grading and in accordance with the ranking percentile in view of the overall level of disciplines, divided the top 70% disciplines into three classes and nine ratings: the top 2%(or the top two) is A+, 2%5% is A(excluding 2%, the same below), 5%10% A-, 10%20% B+, 20%30% B, 30%40% B-, 40%50% C+, 50%60% C, 60%70% C-.


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Introduction to Discipline Ranking

Discipline Ranking, carried out by the degree center on the basis of Degree Conferring and Personnel Training Contents published by Academic Degree Commission of the State Council and the Ministry of Education, is an assessment for the overall level of first-level disciplines with rights of doctoral and master degree conferring. It is a non-administrative, service-based evaluation project conducted on a third-party basis and differ from the qualification assessment of the government. It was firstly carried out in 2002 and averagely one round to every four years. So far it has completed four rounds.


The fourth round of disciplinary ranking was launched in April 2016 and conducted in a scope of 95 first-level disciplines(excluding 16 disciplines like military studies) with the participation of 7,449 disciplines in total from 513 affiliations(an 76% increase compared to the third round); 94% of national universities and colleges with doctoral degree conferring rights applied for the assessment.

Introduction to the Three Fist-level Disciplines of Our School

Applied Economics:

This discipline originates from Beijing Jiaotong University(BJTU)s specialist subject of Railway Business Administration with more than one century of history and the latterly developed disciplines of Railway Economics, Transportation Economics and Industrial Economics. In 1981 we were accredited the countrys first master degree conferring authority and 1986 the authority for awarding doctoral degree, establishing the earliest doctoral degree in economics among Chinas science and technology universities. In 1987, the discipline became one of the first batch of National Key Disciplines and meanwhile the only national key discipline that concentrated on transportation economy across the country. Again in 2001 it was selected as National Key Discipline. In 2007, BJTUs second-level discipline of Industrial Economics was selected as National Key Discipline. In 2009 we tied for tenth in the National Discipline Ranking with all universities with conferring right for the doctoral degree of first-level discipline of Applied Economics occupying the top 21 and BJTU topped the table of the 21 with the second-level discipline of Industrial Economics. In 2012 our Applied Economics was supplemented as Beijing Key First-level Discipline and tie for 12th in the third round discipline ranking. It had been one key construction discipline of 211 Projectas well as the key discipline for construction and development of BJTU during the Thirteenth Five-year.

Business Administration:

The discipline can be traced back to Railway Management Training Institute in 1909, which was the first institution of higher learning named after management. In 1946 we established Department of Financial Management. In 1986 we were accredited the authority for awarding master degree of accounting, 1987 the authority for awarding master degree of  business administration, 1990 master degree of technical economics, 2000 doctoral degree of business administration, and 2005 doctoral degree of first-level discipline of business administration. In 2007 we set up the postdoctoral research station of business administration and in 2010 this discipline was chosen as Beijing Key Discipline.

Management Science and Engineering

Respectively in 1981 and 1996, this discipline was accredited the authority for awarding master and doctoral degree and in 2002 selected as Beijing Key Discipline. In 2004, it was approved to recruit master degree in project management and logistics engineering. In 2008, our professional qualification was accredited by International Project Management Association(IPMA) and The Charted Institute of Logistics and Transport(UK). In 2010 we started recruiting full-time professional masters of industrial engineering and of engineering management. In 2009 we established the postdoctoral research station. Adhering to the foundations of over one hundred years of disciplinary and based on the needs of national economic and social development and our universitys features, taking the construction of Beijing Key Discipline as an opportunity and targeting at the cutting-edge issues in fields of supply chain and logistics management, information management an information systems, engineering and project management and so on, we give comprehensive play to the methods of system science, management science, mathematics, economics and behavioral science and engineering in views of theories, methodological tools, engineering applications, etc. to study and solve the major problems in the development of economic society and academic discipline.