Xia Meimei from Our School Is Selected in the List of 2017 Globally ¡°Highly Cited Researcher¡±

On November 15th, 2017, Clarivate Analytics, the worldwide leading provider of professional information and analysis service, announced the list of 2017 globally ¡°Highly Cited Researchers¡± and Xia Meimei, a young teacher at our school, was selected in the roll of computer science. The list published this year, in 21 fields of natural science and social science, selected more than 3,000 scientific elites who had published 130,000 highly cited papers from 900 institutions.

The lately released 2017 Highly Cited Researchers listed researchers with the largest number of highly cited papers in the corresponding field over the past 10 years. Among them, Highly Cited Researchers from the United States took the lion¡¯s share, reaching a number of 1,644 and increasing by 12 % compared to 2016. The United Kingdom ranked second with 344 selected researchers. And China(excluding Taiwan) ranked third with 249 highly cited researchers, accomplishing the highest growth of 41%.

2017 Highly Cited Researchers also witnessed various of exceptional institutions: the US topped again, including 109 selected researchers from Harvard and 64 from Stanford; 47 from Max Planck Society; and 44 from Chinese Academy of Science.

The methodology of Highly Cited Researchers applies data and analysis generated through an unique system of research performance measurement indexes and the data of scientific development trends formulated by Clarivate Analytics¡¯ bibliometric experts using the quantity of published paper and citation data of over 33,000 journals from the research performance analysis database ESI(Essential Science Indicators) together with the academic platform Web of Science. The selection of 2017 Highly Cited Researchers, based on objective citation data, reflects these scholars¡¯ support, influence, inspiration and challenge to their global counterparts. Highly cited data show the collective recognition of worldwide peers to the research achievements made by researchers in certain subjects.

2017 Highly Cited Researchers(Mainland China, Hong Kong and Maucao, excerpt) are as follows:


Academic profile of Xia Meimei: 

Xia Meimei, female, associate professor and master supervisor, currently teaching at Department of Information Management, School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University. Xia is mainly engaged in the study of decision theory. She is presiding over one youth project of National Natural Science Foundation and has finished as director one youth project of Humanities and Social Science Foundation of the Ministry of Education, one special funding project of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation and one general project of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation. Xia is also a participant of two projects of National Natural Science Foundation. Having published more than 20 papers, Xia has been selected in the list of 2016 and 2017 Highly Cited Researchers and 2016 Most Cited Chinese Researchers.

Major publications:

[1] Meimei Xia, Jin-Xiao Chen, Data envelopment analysis based on Choquet integral, International Journal of Intelligent Systems, 2017, 32 (12), 0884-8173.  

[2] Meimei Xia, Jian Chen. Consistency and consensus improving for pairwise comparison matrices based on abelian linearly ordered group, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 2015, 266, 1-32.

[3] Meimei Xia, Jian Chen. Multi-criteria group decision making based on bilateral agreements, European Journal of Operational Research, 2015, 240, 756¨C764.

[4] Meimei Xia, Jian Chen. Multi-criteria group decision making based on relative measures, Annals of Operations Research , 2015, 229 (1), 791-811.

[5] Meimei Xia, Jian Chen. Studies on interval multiplicative preference relations with their application to group decision making, Group Decision and Negotiation, 2015, 24, 115-144.

[6] Meimei Xia, Zeshui Xu, A novel method for fuzzy multi-criteria decision making, International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making, 2014, 13 (3), 497-519.

[7] Meimei Xia, Zeshui Xu. Interval weight generation approaches for fuzzy preference relations, Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2014, 38 (3) 828-838.

[8] Meimei Xia, Zeshui Xu, Huchang Liao. Preference relations based on intuitionistic multiplicative information, IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, 2013, 21 (1) 113-133.

[9] Meimei Xia, Zeshui Xu, Jian Chen. Algorithms for improving consistency or consensus of reciprocal [0,1]-valued preference relations, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 2013, 216 (1) 108-133.

[10] Meimei Xia, Zeshui Xu, Na Chen. Some hesitant fuzzy aggregation operators with their application in group decision making, Group Decision and Negotiation, 2013, 22 (2) 259-279.  

[11] Meimei Xia, Zeshui Xu. Group decision making based on intuitionistic multiplicative aggregation operators, Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2013, 37 (1) 5120-5133.  

[12] Meimei Xia, Zeshui Xu. Some issues on intuitionistic fuzzy aggregation operators based on Archimedean t-conorm and t-norm, Knowledge-Based Systems, 2012, 31: 78-88.  

[13] Meimei Xia, Zeshui Xu. Entropy/cross entropy-based group decision making under intuitionistic fuzzy environment, Information Fusion, 2012, 13 (1) 31-47.  

[14] Meimei Xia, Zeshui Xu. Hesitant fuzzy information aggregation in decision making, International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 2011, 52 (3): 395-407.  

[15] Zeshui Xu, Meimei Xia. Distance measures for hesitant fuzzy sets, Information Sciences, 2011, 181 (11): 2128-2138.