The Adjunct Professor's Awarding Ceremony for Anthony May Held Successfully

The Adjunct professor's awarding ceremony for Anthony May, the Fellow of The Royal Academy of Engineering, was held successfully in the SiYuan East Building Room 306 on October 27th 9 A.M. Qiusheng Zhang, the dean of the school of economics and management, awarded a certificate to professor Anthony May to appoint him as an adjunct professor of the School of Economics and Management. Then professor Anthony May presented a lecture entitled urban transportation research for the master and Ph.D. students. He introduced the developing process of urban transport policies, challenges in each phase as well as the related decision support tools. Our teachers and students had active academic exchanges with professor May.

From October 28th to 29th, Professor Anthony May participated in the fifth forum of transportation and Spatio-Temporal economics organized by school of economics and management and gave a keynote speech and a lecture .  

The titles of the two speeches are ¡°urban mobility management£ºfrom city for cars to city for people¡± and ¡°the scientific approach to the design of urban road user charging¡±, which gave a detailed introduction to European urban traffic management and policy development. During the forum, Professor May conducted on an academic discussion with Professor Chaohe Rong, Professor Jian Zhao, Professor Guoquan Li, Professor Werner Rothengatter, Professor Takeshi Chishakii and Professor Yoshiharu Takamatsu, who also participated in the forum.

At 7 P.M. 28th, Professor Anthony May attended Chinese transport special sessions and had a deep discussion on how to ease urban congestion with some domestic transportation companies such as ETCP, OFO, Yunmanman and government departments .

Professor May has over 40 years' experience in transport planning and traffic engineering. He has been a professor at Leeds since 1977, and has served as Director of the Institute for Transport Studies, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research. He was elected to a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 1995, and awarded the OBE for services to transport engineering in 2004. He is the former President of the World Conference on Transport Research Society.