Remembrance, Reunion and Inheritance2017 Alumni Annual Return Event of School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University Successfully Held

Time flies like an arrow yet the days of memory linger on. September16th, 2017, in the autumn day of gentle breeze and a clear sky, Beijing Jiaotong University(BJTU) has marked its 121th anniversary. From School of Economics and Management(SEM), BJTU, nearly 600 graduates of 1987, 1997, 2007, etc., returned to their alma mater, reliving the memory in revisiting SEM. In cordial hugs and genial chats, our friends collected remembrance of good times, collectively expecting an ever bright future.

                                                                                                                            On-site checkin

Through seasons and years, our Hawthorn Orchard has witnessed the youth of myriad BJTUers. At around eight oclock in the morning, our alumni successively arrives at Small Woods of South Gate. Members of SEM SMT(management team), staff of all SEM departments, class tutors and many volunteers started the preparation work, providing warm welcome and thorough service to every returning schoolmate. As our alumni checked in one by one and received name tag with photo of student record card, alumni newsletter, alumni class list, badge of university anniversary and other returner presents, they took their time read the three display board posting old pictures and signed their name for commemoration. And the school souvenir teddy Jingjing and Guanguan(Chinese onomatopoeia for economics and management), the goods on the charity sale of this event, connected every warmhearted BJTU friend supporting public benefit in passing love to others.


                                                                                                                     Scene Snapshots 

                                                                                    Signing for Commemoration  

We exchanged warm greetings and amiable hugs, yet we felt the feeling of excitement and missing are so effusive that it defied any description of words, and on the registration site everywhere we wound find the sweet and affect air of reunion. For readers information, this return event included not only our college students, bachelors, masters and PhDs who marked their graduation of ten, twenty and thirty years, but also their children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. Small Woods literally became a sea of delight.

Our bachelor graduates of 1987, 1997 and 2007, through our universitys arrangement, respectively went to Central Auditorium, The Hall of Tianyou and Gymnasium for celebration activities, while our master and PhD alumni went to The West Building of Siyuan for a meeting symposium. After writing down our best wishes to SEM on the signing wall in front of the building, we gathered together, talking of our good old days.

                                                                                 Symposium Scene at Communal Space for Alumni, Teachers and Students

It is learned that, to promote the communications among teachers, students and alumni, SEM has expressly established the campus service of Communal Space for Alumni, Teachers and Students, and this day is the platforms deput to our schoolmates after the completion. In the cosy, delicate layout manifests the warm atmosphere of home.

                                                                                                         Scene of Activities

And here went the beginning of Annual Return Celebration Meeting for 2017 Alumni of SEM, BJTU. The school and university leaders including Zhang Bo, assistant secretary-general of BJTU Alumni Association, Zhang Qiusheng, secretary of the party committee and dean of SEM, BJTU, Cui Yongmei, associate dean, Wen Yingchun, deputy secretary of the party committee, Shi Xianliang, deputy secretary of the party committee and associate dean, Hua Guowei, associate dean, and Wang Ying, office director and other leaders of the school and universities, representatives of the three profession branches, namely, Tu Jianping, secretary-general of accounting branch of BJTU Alumni Association, founder of China Cloud Technology and graduate of 1987, Shao Yuping, secretary-general of finance branch of BJTU Alumni Association, associate director of Capital Operation and Development Department of China Railway(headquarters) and graduate of 1987, and Chang Xuan, preparatory committee of logistics branch of BJTU Alumni Association, vice general manager of China Railway Material Trade Group CO., Ltd. and graduate of 1987, delegates of SEM retired teachers and student counselors of all grades collectively attended the meeting, joining together with our alumni of 1987, 1997 and 2007, sharing the splendid memory of days spent in BJTU. The meeting was hosted by four returning alumni, that is, Song Bairong from Economics 83-3 Class, Zhong Zhijie from Economics 83-1 Class, Gu Jie Economics 93-2 Class and Tang Tingting Economics 0302 Class.


                                                                                                        Show and Performance

In the hall the audience may hear the enthusiastic voice of our four hosts. And Jia Yuhang, bachelor alumnus of 2003, further took up the cheerfulness by his impassioned song A Little Happiness, as if bringing us back to our unsophisticated student age. Then as the videos Chapter of Alumni and Chapter of Teachers being played, slide by slide from the screen, photos of the past, teachers and our big family, directly touched the softest part of our schoolmates and took them again in the time of campus studying.

                                                                                                             Bouquet Presenting        

Later, dozens of new and old teachers stepped to the stage and delivered their speeches and received bouquet from their students. The affection between the teachers and students moved everyone.

                                                                                                                      Lucky Draw

In the Lucky Draw and Alumni Interaction session organized by the meeting, more than twenty alumni fortunately draw out the special customized trophies to keep the memorial.

                                                                                                  Appointment Ceremony of Alumni Counsel

To improve BJTUs profile is our collaborative duty and commitment. During the meeting, SEM expressly held the appointment ceremony of alumni counsel and more than forty alumni of 1987, 1997 and 2007 joined the great family of alumni development, a team of obligation and honor, to help the construction of our school and university.

                                                                                                           Donation Ceremony

The inspiration unknown to public always turn out fruitful. And to the exact our returning friends expressed their gratitude to alma mater through action. Among them 1983 alumni of Economics Department donated 100 thousand rmb to support the development and construction of our school. And 1983 alumni of Materials Department present the delicate china bottle from Jingdezhen, wishing our school a continuous success and popularity.  

                                                                               Zhang Qiusheng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Dean of SEM, BJTU at Speech

At the finale of the celebration meeting, Zhang Qiusheng, secretary of the party committee and dean of SEM, BJTU delivered his concise and meaningful Speech. As a 1983 BJTU student of Economics Department, Zhang firstly expressed the high respect and sincere gratitude to our teachers on behalf of all alumni. Then he made a detail introduction respective of the development and current condition of our school and university, mission of talent cultivating, future expectation and so forth. Zhang said, SEM, with our common values of Insightfulness from meticulousness, Decisiveness from thoughtfulness, Righteousness from benevolence and Respectfulness from attentiveness and vision of To guide industrial development of China, held onto the mission of Contribute Business Wisdom, Cultivate Leading Talents, and Benefit Economy and Society and had achieved rapid development, cultivating almost 30,000 excellent graduate around the globe. Alumni are a gorgeous and irreplaceable vista on our campus. We hope our alumni would often return home, and so we shall keep our reunion of the next decade.,says Zhang, genuinely and ardently.

                                                                                                               We Love Each OtherChorus

The ceremony came to a cordial conclusion with the warm music of We Love Each Other. In the golden age BJTU had experienced another year of prime time, and it is in each year that we would meet up again at a same time like today. In the 121th anniversary of Beijing Jiaotong University, our elder professors and alumni gathered together, talking of the past time and collecting sweet and heartfelt memories. The event was to close, but the heart will take us far, far as the trackless wind roaring in the sky, far as the numerous path stepped by every BJTUer. For the moment, we witnessed our infinite friendship and attachment to our alma mater; in future, we wish the best prospect of every BJTUer and the best prosperity of SEM.


  Editor: Meng Qian
Photographer: Zhang Mengyuan