Our EFMD-EDAF project concluded successfully

On June 08, 2017, Dean Qiusheng Zhang, Vice Dean Guowei Hua went to Berlin, Germany to attend the 2017 EFMD Annual Meeting organized by EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development). At the conference, EFMD announced that our School has successfully concluded the EDAF (EFMD Dean Across Frontiers) project as the only one in China and one of the 12 first EDAF business schools in the world. Mr. Eric Cornuel, Chairman and CEO of EFMD, awarded Dean QiuSheng Zhang.


Our School launched the EDAF project in 2014 and entered a comprehensive upgrade period of three years. EDAF is the basis of EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System), which helps the School find problems and improve it by inviting instructors to provide a good foundation for the next step to EQUIS accreditation. In the past three years, our School has been actively improving and striving to meet the qualification standards of EQUIS in accordance with the opinions of EDAF advisor Mr. Arnaud Langlois-Meurinne. And in that way, we continuously improve the quality of personnel training and promote the overall reform and development. EDAF project officially ended in April this year, at the same time, our School formally entered the EQUIS Eligibility Application preparation stage.


EQUIS accreditation is divided into three main stages, which are Eligibility stage, Accreditation stage and Re-accreditation stage. With EQUIS expert Prof. Ulrich Hommel¡¯s briefing visit on May 15th, our School officially finished the Briefing Visit stage of Eligibility stage. At present, our School actively improves the EQUIS datasheet based on the opinions of EQUIS expert. After that, the EQUIS advisor will assist us with the EQUIS datasheet (Pre-Eligibility Advisory stage of Eligibility stage) and submit it to the official. If the quality of the report reaches the Eligibility standard and criteria, our School will officially enter the Accreditation phase.


Currently, there are 172 business schools in the world with EQUIS accredited, including 17 business schools in mainland China. It is not only a symbol of the world's best business schools with the accreditation, but also a relentless pursuit of excellence in quality education and continuous improvement. In this process, the School needs to study the standards carefully, and to improve the work of the School from 10 aspects, such as strategy, project, students, faculty, internationalization and corporate links; to comprehensively understand and learn successful experience of top international business schools, and gradually improve the training system of students in each project. Each year, with a more clear training objectives, more rigorous curriculum system design, more implementation to face the international and business projects,  more refined assessment and protection of evaluation of education quality, students can get a more scientific, systematic, and personalized education, and the school can be greatly improved in enrollment, training and the quality of employment.