Prof.Yingqi Liu attended the third energy efficiency training week for emerging economies of IEA

The International Energy Agency kicked off its third Energy Efficiency in Emerging Economies Training Week (EETW) on Monday, bringing together more than 130 public policy-makers and local experts from over 45 emerging and developing countries. Prof.Yingqi Liu from SEM of Beijing jiaotong University in China attended this conferences, and her picture was selected and posted on the official website.

The picture of Prof.Yingqi Liu(in the middle) was selected and posed on the official website


The week-long programme highlights the critical role that energy efficiency plays in addressing increased energy demand in emerging economies, and underpins the importance for the topic for the IEA, which has created a global hub for energy efficiency.

The focus on energy efficiency is an important part of the IEA¡¯s policy to expand its ties with emerging economies and a critical pillar of its modernization policy announced in 2015. This includes opening the doors to emerging economies, such as China, India, Indonesia and others, and becoming a global hub for clean energy technologies and energy efficiency.

The IEA training week is a key activity of the Energy Efficiency in Emerging Economies (E4) Programme, which has been supporting emerging economies in their efforts to scale up and capture the benefits of energy efficiency since the beginning of 2014. It plays an important role in sharing experiences, policies and best-practices on effective energy-efficiency through the IEA¡¯s well-established expertise on data collection, indicators and modelling; energy-efficiency policy design, implementation and evaluation; and training and capacity building.

Over 130 participants gathered in Paris for the 3rd IEA Energy Efficiency in Emerging Economies Training Week (Photograph: IEA)


The EETW is one of a series of new programmes and activities undertaken by the IEA to strengthen its work on energy efficiency. The IEA created an Energy Efficiency Division in 2015 and last year held its first global high-level conference on energy efficiency, attended by over 200 participants from over 40 countries. The IEA also launched the Energy Efficiency Industry Advisory Board. It will release its next annual Energy Efficiency Market Report in September.