SEM EQUIS Briefing Visit

On 15th May 2017, the expert of EQUIS, Prof. Ulrich Hommel came to the School of Economics and Management (SEM) to make a EQUIS Briefing Visit. As an important stage before the application of accreditation Eligibility, the EQUIS Briefing Visit was a comprehensive review of the School by the EQUIS expert as well.

At the beginning, Prof.Ulrich Hommel briefly introduced EFMD and EQUIS Accreditation to the leaders of the School, directors of departments, distinguished alumni representatives and student representatives. During the introduction session, Prof. Hommel explained and analyzed the accreditation process of EQUIS, accreditation standards & criteria, and benefits that brings to the accredited schools.

Later, Prof. Hommel had a discussion about evaluating the School¡¯s current situation with leaders of the School as well as staff from the International Accreditation Office, on the basis of the EQUIS datasheet. Professor stated that, School of Economics and Management was a business school with a unique background of transportation. Meanwhile, a close link with alumni enterprises makes the School more competitive. The School could give full play to its advantages and uniqueness and develop  core competitive advantages. Professor Hommel also pointed out that the main challenges faced by the School currently was the development of internationalization, the management and operation of multi- campuses, and the high quality and specific contribution of research. The School ought to improve its works on the basis of fully consideration and judgment.

On behalf of the School, Dean Zhang Qiusheng paid sincere thanks to Professor Ulrich Hommel. He pointed out that according to the advice and suggestions from the EQUIS expert, all members of the School needed to have clear and well understanding of the key points of EQUIS Accreditation, make an improvement of the EQUIS datasheet report and struggle to pass the EQUIS accreditation eligibility as soon as possible.