2017 First Quarterly Work Report of SEM has been Released

In order to enhance the comprehensive understanding of the School development and strengthen the working relationship with the International Advisory Committee, since January 2017, the School has formally established a quarterly work report system. Recently, the International Accreditation and Strategic Planning Office compiled the 2017 First Quarterly Work Report (Chinese and English versions) together with other departments. The report is divided into eight parts: Strategy Development, Programmes, Students, Faculty, Research and Development, Resources and Administration, Corporate Connections, Internationalization. The work report provides the whole work progress and construction achievements of the School from January to March of 2017 through the ¡°work news¡± and ¡°achievements¡± two columns(see annex). The report was published on the School website and submitted to the third session of the International Advisory Committee at the same time.


At present, with the increasingly pressure from business education competition in the world, the international accreditation work of the School has obtained more attention and support from our faculty and students. Whether it is all kinds data collection of EQUIS accreditation, or the construction of Assurance of Learning (AoL) system of AACSB accreditation, the summary and analysis on each faculty¡¯s five-year achievements and the initial Self Evaluation Report (iSER), the School obtained much support from senior professors, young lecturers, outstanding alumni and school students. The completion of the 2017 First Quarterly Work Report is the result of full participation and collaborative development. We believe that with the joint efforts of the faculty and students, the International Accreditation and Strategic Planning work of the School will being better.