The Lecture on Experience Exchange of Students Exchange Program in Strasbourg University was Held Successfully

On November 23, 2016, the School of Economics and Management of Beijing Jiaotong University successfully held the lecture for the exchange program and experience exchange for the University of Strasbourg in France.


Daniela Gerzso, Head of the International Office of the University of Strasbourg in France, was the speaker of this lecture. The lecture included the introduction of the University of Strasbourg, the introduction of the French business school and advantages of studying abroad. And the lecture also invited the students whom participated in the University of Strasbourg exchange in 2016 to have the experience exchange.


Daniela gave a detailed introduction to the University of Strasbourg, including the history of the school, teachers and faculties, geographical advantages and international exchange situation and other aspects. In response to the specific questions raised by students, Daniela answered the questions one by one and put forward practical suggestions. She encouraged and welcomed everyone to France to have the exchange learning and the students really felt the warmth and hospitality of foreign friends.


Later, the student Guo Yang shared the experience of the exchange to France and put forward some practical suggestions. She believed that to have an exchange study to Strasbourg this semester is a very valuable life experience and wealth, and encouraged people to open their hearts, go out to see the new world and make like-minded friends. The lecture ended in the discussion and exchange, and the students felt that they had benefited greatly and eliminated a lot of doubts about international communication. They also had a strong interest in and expectations for international exchange.


The University of Strasbourg is located in the franco-german border city of Strasbourg, was founded in 1538. The University of Strasbourg is considered to be one of the most outstanding universities in France and Europe, as the member of the European Union for research universities and the 21st century academic alliance, the university enjoys a high reputation in many areas.


In the golden age of life, vision is particularly important. To go out to have exchange learning, feel the pulse of the world beating can help us have a better grasp both on the professional knowledge but also a great improvement on the self. ¡°The world is so big, I would like to see that¡±.We hope the students can actively participate in international exchange projects, integrate the experience into knowledge and vision, have the better choice and open their own way of life.