The Economic Globalization Seminar of the School of Economics and Management was Successfully Held

On Nov. 25, 2016, Professor Marc Smelik, Vice Dean of School of Business and Professor of International Business at IE University of Spain, gave a lecture on ˇ°economic globalizationˇ± for students of the international class and faculty. .


Professor Marc Smelik gave a presentation on the impact of economic globalization on business opportunities, politics and personal careers. First of all, he showed the impact of globalization on Chinese enterprises, as well as China's impact on the world with Alibaba and WeChat as the examples. For example, in the globalization push, China has established its own brand. Then the professor described the impact of globalization on politics with the United States as an example. Finally, the professor told the importance of understanding the world: only the problem understood, can the problem be solved; with the increasingly number of people engaged in the diversification of globalization, if misunderstand that, it will be difficult to survive in the community.


During the recess, the professor and the students also carried out a lively exchange. Through this lecture, not only the students understand that with the global trend of the world, China should have the long-term vision which should not be confined to China, but also allow students to learn from the economic point of view, and lays the foundation to have a better understanding of the future for the world.