EDAF Advisor Professor Arnaud Visited to Give Guidance on Preparation for EQUIS Certification and Development Plan



From Sep. 9 to 15, 2016, Professor Arnaud Langlois-Meurinne, international consultant and EDAF advisor visited the school to offer guidance on preparation for EQUIS certification and development plan. Deputy secretary Yan Wuer of the school party committee and Director Liu Yanqing of International Education and Exchange Center met with Professor Arnaud and talked with him over relevant efforts. College leadership, persons in charge of offices and centers, a part of teachers and personnel involved took part in the discussion.


Professor Arnaud exchanged opinions over the college¡¯s talent nurturing, scientific research, social services, international exchange and cooperation, teaching team, resources and so on with leaders and departments in charge of these. He offered suggestions regarding the follow-up improvement and progress of EQUIS certification application report in combination of the college¡¯s goal for the 13th Five-year Plan and performance during the 12th Five-year Plan. On the basis of Professor Arnaud¡¯s opinions and suggestions, Dean Zhang Qiusheng proposed specific requirements on the college¡¯s preparation for EQUIS certification.


During the visit, Professor Arnaud attended the school¡¯s 120th anniversary celebration and visited the college¡¯s simulation experiment center.