MIP EMBA Delegation Successfully Concluded Exchange Activity


Students of EMBA Delegation of MIP (MIP POLITECNICO DI MILANO GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS) (hereinafter referred to as ˇ°MIP EMBA Delegationˇ± ) came over to the SEM for a one-week visit exchange activity on May 30 under the leadership of Delia and Anna, two faculty from MIP. Zhang Qiusheng, dean of our school, and Lv Xiyan, director of International Center, jointly gave the warm welcome to the visiting delegation. 


Students of MIP EMBA Delegation had attentively the special lectures given by five faculty of our school, respectively Ding Huiping, Peng Zhaoqi, Xing Yijun, Wang Li and Zheng Kai. The teachers and MIP students had the extensive exchange and discussion over issues related to the corporate M&A, Chinese economy, Chinese philosophy, HR management, etc. 


International Center of our school also arranged MIP EMBA students for the inspection visit to such enterprises in China as CRCC, Hanergy Holding, China High Speed Railway Technology Co., Ltd., JYD, Yanjing Brewery, etc., most of which are the Alumni enterprises. The inspection visit has greatly enhanced the image of BJTU in the hearts of these students who immediately expressed their concern and attention to the products of these enterprises and also expressed that there would be more space for further cooperative development.  


After the students of MIP EMBA Delegation completed all exchange visit courses, Lv Xiyan, director of International Center warmly presented the course-completion certificate to Italian students one after another and also shared a group photo with them. 


Through the week-long visit study, students of MIP EMBA Delegation had the in-depth understanding of the Chinese economy and culture and also deepened the friendship between our school and MIP. We wish to take this opportunity to strengthen the various communications and connections between both sides in the near future to enhance the international reputation of BJTU and promote the exchange and cooperation between BJTU and MIP.