A Successful Information Session Brought by University of Kentucky on the "2+2" Program


Upon the invitation of international Exchange Center£¬University of Kentucky brought an information session on the ¡°2+2¡±program at classroom SD302 on March 7, 2016. Dr. Nancy Johnson, the International Office Director of University of Kentucky, presented a vivid and passionate information session to the attendees including Prof. David Blackwell (Dean of the Business School of University of Kentucky), Prof. Wendy Liu from Department of Finance and some students from international classes in grade 2014 and 2015 respectively.


Dr. Nancy Johnson gave a detailed introduction about the university, including its infrastructure, geographical location, area of expertise etc. She also answered some questions raised by students on their concerned hot topics. During her introduction, she elaborated on the statuses of the following majors including finance, accounting, economics, business, etc. She focused on the development of the Gatton Business School and offered constructive suggestion for the students from international class majored in economic management on their future planning and choice of major. In particularly, Dr. Nancy Johnson emphasized that University of Kentucky is teeming with liberal school ethos and active academic atmosphere. In the spirit of inclusion, the University extends her sincere and warm welcome to the students from all over the world, encourages the students to communicate and interact with each other while remaining receptive and inclusive to the new ideas, so as to obtain greater academic achievements.


The students¡¯ active participation in the information session created a warm atmosphere. Both University of Kentucky and our school have been benefited a lot from the communication, which laid a solid foundation for the further communication and exchange.


Background information: Founded in 1865, University of Kentucky is a renowned American public university. Located in Lexington, Kentucky, the University has about 35000 students and around 12000 faculties. Students from other states of the United States account for 17%. Statistics released by the International Office of the University showed that more than 3700 Chinese students have pursued their higher education on campus by the 2015 academic year. The institution has 15 colleges and one medical center, offering more than 200 specialties. The revenue of the University was 227 million dollars in the previous financial year. It is currently ranked 26th among all the public universities in America in research funding sponsored by The National Science Foundation (NSF). The graduate education of the College of Pharmacy, the Martin School of Public Policy and Administration, the College of Nursing, the College of Law and the College of Medicine are all among the best in United States. Specifically speaking, the College of Pharmacy holds the third place while the Martin School takes the second place in the category of public finance and budget. The College of Law is among the top 25 public institutions while the College of Nursing ranked 29th. School of


Our university and the Gatton Business School of University of Kentucky have carried out cooperation on undergraduate  ¡°2+2¡± program. A bunch of outstanding students have been sent to the Gatton Business School for further study.