Prof. Zhouchen from Georgia Institute of Technology Visited Our School



From December 15 to 22, Prof. Zhouchen from Georgia Institute of Technology paid a visit to our school. Prof. Zhouchen, current head of the Industry and System Engineering Department in Stewart College of Georgia Institute of Technology, has published many articles in Journal of Cleaner Production, Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering, International Journal of Production Research and other famous journals. During the visit, Prof. Zhang Qiusheng -- dean of the School of Economics & Management, Prof. Zhangli -- assistant dean of the School of Economics & Management, Prof. Zhang Juliang -- dean of the Management Engineering Branch and Prof. Li Yisong -- head of the logistics management department extended welcome to Prof. Zhouchen. They carried on deep discussion about teaching and training programs for undergraduates and graduate students, international exchange programs for undergraduate students, international summer school and other issues, when they reached many consensus and obtained abundant results.


Besides, Prof. Zhouchen delivered three leading-edge lectures in themes of "global supply chain", "green logistics" and "logistics network" to graduate students, hosting by Prof. Ru Yihong from the department of logistics management. Huangdi, Songguang and other teachers and more than 150 graduate students participated in the lecture series. In combination with leading-edge research over the world and China's national conditions, Prof. Zhou explained the three profound themes in a simple way and actively interacted with teachers and students on the spot. Prof. Ru Yihong discussed with Prof. Zhouchen about the development prospect of international logistics under the policy of "One Belt And One Road", which achieved the mutual promotion of academic research and help students present broaden their ways of thinking. Students taking part in the lecture series were all deeply infected and responded enthusiastically. In addition, at the invitation of Prof. Zhang Juliang and Hua Guowei from the School of Management Engineering, Prof. Zhou presented some guidance on research for doctoral students majored in logistics management. After the doctoral students briefed their own research issues and progress, Prof. Zhouchen conveyed high affirmation onto status quo of their research and put forward some pertinent suggestions, which exerted significant driving effect on improving academic level of the doctoral students. Invited by Prof. Lv Xiyan from our International Center, Prof. Zhouchen held a special counseling session on the international class for undergraduate students, in which he introduced the forms of registering for examinations conducted by US colleges, employment trend of different majors and other issues and explained some confusion on studying abroad. With this counseling session held, students in the international class and intending to go abroad for further study obtained more specific positioning and planning.


During Prof. Zhou's visit in our school, great harvest has been made both on teacher aspect and student aspect, where a good long-term relationship for cooperation has been established. Prof. Zhouchen also placed earnest expectations on students of our school, hoping they could make greater academic progress and stand out most conspicuously among peers.