CAMBA Experts Arrived at Our College for Field Survey




On October 21, CAMBA experts Tong Yunhuan£¨professor£©, Mr. Ren Chao (director assistant of Ministry of Education Degree Center Evaluation Division), Mr. Zhu Jinming (project supervisor), Ms. Han Tingting (project official) arrived at BJTUfor field survey about CAMBA application qualification. Mr. Yu Zujun (vice president, professor), Mr. Sheng Lihui (vice president for graduate school), Mr. Zhang Qiusheng (dean of the school of Economics and Management, professor), Mr. HaoShengyue (vice dean, professor), Ms. Zuo Li (MBA education center director, vice professor) and official from EMBA education center and MBA education center attended such qualification certification meeting.


Firstly, Mr. Tong Yunhuan, professor, introduced all participants about CAMBA guideline (namely, developing sustainable promotion for China¡¯s business administration education); if compared such certification and with international certification ¡°AACSB¡± and ¡°EQUIS¡±, it more focused on China's national conditions and innovation and characteristics (two elements). Moreover, Mr. Tong Yunhuan (professor) still emphasized on necessity and importance of CAMBA about China¡¯s MBA and EMBA project and gave grand expectations for MBA and EMBA project in further certification in this college.


Mr. Yu Zujun (vice president) introduced to CAMBA expert team about greater contribution with historic progress on management intellectual for national rejuvenation, freedom, independence for over 100 years (from college establishment) and improving China¡¯s education quality for recent years. In addition, Mr., Yu Zujun (vice president) still introduced to experts that MBA and EMBA project not only had its own characteristics but also made lots of positive development for service industry, particularly for national strategies responding to CRH accessing to the world and grand development for transportation. In the future, MBA and EMBA project in our college shall continue to sustainably struggle and keep ahead constructing Chinese characteristic education brand and representing China¡¯s high-quality education.


Mr. Zhang Qiusheng (dean) significantly introduced to CAMBA expert team about current status for subject foundation, teaching resources, foundation and scientific research level, intellectual cultivation mode and international construction, and also introduced expert team about college regarding it as vision (namely, To be a business school guiding industrial development of China) and regarding it as mission (namely, Contribute Business Wisdom, Cultivate Leading Talents, Benefit Economy and Society.) and regarding it as value idea (Insightfulness from meticulousness, Decisiveness from thoughtfulness, Righteousness from benevolence, Respectfulness from attentiveness). At last, Mr. HaoShengyue (vice dean) also introduced expert team about EMBA project, Ms Zuo Li introduced MBA project.


After the qualification certificate meeting; escorted by Mr. Zhang Qiusheng (dean of the school of Economics and Management, professor), Mr. HaoShengyue (vice dean, professor) and Zuo Li ( MBA education center director, vice professor), expert team visited teaching and auxiliary facilities about MBA and EMBA project for the school of Economics and Management, and hold symposium with management officials, teacher representatives, MBA education center and EMBA education center administrators and inspected strategies implementation, quality assurance system and relevant software/hardware levels of MBA and EMBA .


After one-day field survey, expert team rendered affirmations to the MBA and EMBA project, as well as gave precious suggestions about MBA and EMBA after the field survey.


CAMBA was jointly organized and developed under the leadership of CDGDC and CNMESC and officially sponsored in 2012. Such certification shall regard insisting on high-quality, reliable promotion and open to outside world and international cooperation as basic idea for developing sustainable promotion of China¡¯s business administration education. Currently, nine universities (such as Qinghua University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Nankai University) have been certified, and more than ten organizations arebeing certified.


Application qualification field survey isthe primary link forCAMEA, subsequently, MBA and EMBA project for the school of Economics and Managementhave to experience self-evaluation, site certification, sustainable improvement and re-certification and relevant processes. Participation in CAMEA will be helpful for MBA and EMBA project to self-examine and summarize experiences and lessons accumulated over the years, and contemplate restrictions and opportunities for local environments, and sort out current management program and mode, construct assurance system for sustainable promotion of future education, and then set up mission ¨Cdriven high-quality, characteristic MBA and EMBA project with focus on sustainable quality improvement.