Beijing-Shanghai CRH Research Demands Seminar Held by Our Institute

Beijing-Shanghai CRH Research Demands Seminar was held by our institute at Sidong 611 in the morning on November 19 2015. Mr. Cai Bogen (director of technical section), Zhang Liwei (vice director), Lin Zibin (teacher) attended this seminar and Mr. Zhang Qiusheng (president), Shi Xianliang (vice president) and 13 teacher representatives from different subjects participated in it.


Mr. Cai Bogen, director, firstly introduced the grand background of strategic cooperation agreement signed between Beijing-Shanghai CRH and college, and he expected business management college shall make abutment to research demands for capital management, transport supervision and safety supervision and contribute with experience and wisdom. Mr. Wu Jianhong, professor, reported situation about abutment meeting of academic topics for Beijing-Shanghai CRH research demands attended by Mr. Sun Shouguang (vice president) and himself last Friday. Professors from Economy, Accountant, Finance, Business Administration, Logistics subjects respectively applied to existed research basis and well-understood data about Beijing-Shanghai CRH project and focused on capital management (acting as one of key functions for Beijing-Shanghai CRH) and analyzed from capital efficiency, capital operation, cost and transport price management, after-project evaluation and material assurance, business mode, enterprise culture and service innovation, as well as proposed for such academic topic. Mr. Zhang Liwei (vice director) and Mr. Lin Zibin (teacher) also proposed for relevant suggestions and requirements from viewpoint of scientific technology.


At last, Mr. Zhang (president) addressed conclusion. He considered that the seminar was not fully for Beijing-Shanghai CRH project demand seminar, but discussed in which way can college even school positively serve for society. As representative for the most advanced productivity, Beijing-Shanghai CRH has been the flagship representing China accessing to the World; it also acted as one new technical and living style, and it needs to find solutions from business, knowledge and wisdom faced with problems of CRH business administration. So it requires positive cooperation, shared knowledge and contribution with achievements between subjects so that business administration (subject) will be able to have further access to the world along with CRH project.