School of Economics & Management of BJTU Rated as an Excellent Business School in the World-- Ranking 11th among Business Schools in China



The 8th Eduniversal World Conventionwas held in Harvard University, Boston, the US During October 12-15 ,2015,. Deans, business educators and scholars and other professionals from more than 120 excellent business schools in nearly 50 countries around the world attended this conference. Best Business School Award and Eduniversal Palms of Excellence were honorably presented to top three business schools in nine regions all over the world. School of Economics and Management of BJTU won 3 Palms of Excellence affirmatively voted by deans from different business schools around the world, ranking 11th among business schools in China. 


The conference lasted for four days, involving speeches made by VIP guests, seminars, academic exchange among different schools and visits to higher education institutions and enterprises and the award-presenting ceremony, etc. Ron DUERKSEN, the representative from Desautels Faculty of Management, Mcgill University, Canada ¨C a school ranks the second among business schools in North America, delivered a speech entitled as ¡°Rebranding a business school in five (very) emotional stages¡± to provide the new ideas from the education and development of business schools; meanwhile, representatives of business schools from every part of the world conducted heated discussion over the future development trend, opportunity and challenge of the education of business schools, accompanied with cooperation negotiation and interview concerning about global cooperation and alliance in respect of the education of business schools; furthermore, representatives of business schools and distinguished guests visited Alfred P. Sloan School of Management of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University and the most advanced enterprises in Boston--Learn Launch Accelerator. It was the first time for School of Economics and Management of BJTU to attend this activity. Ph.D. Supervisor and Prof. Liu Yingqi was authorized by Dean Zhang Qiusheng to attend the conference, so deans and representatives and scholars from Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania realized in-depth communication and exchange and also discussed the cooperation intent concerning the school-running experience with the world-famous colleges and universities, particularly those relating to Harvard Business School, Yale School of Management, St. Petersburg University School of Management, etc.


Eduniversal is Europe's most authoritative business education-ranking institution, known to the world famed for its fair, because it is transparent and clear-cut international selection criteria, as the most prestigious and professional business school ranking and service institution. (Eduniversal invites 1000 deans from business schools around the world to vote on the global business school rankings, covering more than 150 countries worldwide.  In view of the evaluation system, there exist two different grades of Palms, either based on the star rating compared to other regions in transverse grade (Dean 's vote) or based on a regional and national longitudinal grades (palms), and the business school is divided into five levels, with palms to represent different levels.  In EDUNIVERSAL evaluation system, there are five grades for the business schools based on Dean¡¯s Vote compared in different regions, the star evaluation or based on Palms in a region and the country. 5 PALMS represents different grades, where Grade 5 is at the top, representing the most important impact in the world. Harvard Business School, Yale Business School and London Business School, etc., are all 5 PALMS business schools. School of Economics and Management of BJTU was rated among 3 PALMS, honorably identified as the business school with great influence in the world. It is noteworthy that the sponsor launches Peer-to-peer Meeting every year, aiming at promoting the construction of the long-term and stable cooperation with all business schools in the world, thus seeking for substantial cooperative exchange in respect of teachers¡¯ exchange and visiting programs, exchange student programs and academic research cooperation, etc., so as to jointly enhance development of the business school.