Congratulations to Our MBA Program on Ranking at the 6th Place among "The Most Influential MBA Programs in China" of 2015

On September 21st, "list of most influential MBA programs in China" of 2015 prepared by the magazine of "World Entrepreneur" owned by the World Executive Group was released in summit of world's executive held in Hong Kong. Senior professor Ravi Dhar from Yale University School of Management and senior professor Stephen Woolgar from Oxford University Business School attended the meeting and presented the prize. In the list of "The Most Influential MBA Programs in China of 2015", our MBA program ranked at the 10th place. Among the winners of Special Grand Prize for the Most Influential MBA Programs in China, our MBA program was awarded as the most expanding one!


The organizers have conducted evaluation upon MBA education all over the world for 13 consecutive years. In this year, there are 10 business schools in China having been selected -- more than the number of last year for one, including 7 schools from the mainland and 3 schools from Hong Kong which have been included in the top 100. Notably, there are 7 business schools from the United States and 3 business schools respectively from Britain, France and Spain in the top 10 list.


"As vocational education, MBA programs have lasted for more than 100 years. Thus, instructional model, curriculum provision, tuition payment, student selection and other related aspects shall realize transition from industrial society towards informational society", said by Ding Haisen, chief editor of the "World Entrepreneur" magazine. In allusion to problems existing in business schools in China such as quality decline of students to be recruited, difficulties in globalization of the project and others, Ding thought that crowdfunding can be initiated for quality potential students unable to afford to the tuition, where it will be easy to raise capital from some agencies and entrepreneurs. Japan and China are competing with each other to recruit overseas students especially from Europe and the United States. Business schools in China shall win over students from Cuba, Brazil, India and other developing countries and set up affiliated schools in those countries, which will undoubtedly enjoy promising future in the long run.


Ph.D Ravi Dhar, a professor from Yale University, reputed that the mode of MBA education combining online and offline parts has been very popular recently. In addition to online courses launched by business schools, providers of large-scale online open classes also prepared a full set of MBA courses. Major issue faced by business school is that the concept of online MBA may be devaluated in this way that top brands may finally lead the industry as a whole. Hence, it is getting more and more important that business school shall set up their own brands, which also serves as a refer point for World Entrepreneur to make the ranking list. Ph.D Stephen Woolgar, a professor from Oxford University, said that reading for MBA has no other purposes but finding a better job and seeking for business opportunities. Therefore, valuable interpersonal relationship gained in the business school is crucial as well.


Research comparing MBA education in China and the world carried out by World Manager Group and the magazine of World Entrepreneur has important significance for educators, entrepreneurs and managers, offering foreign business schools and multinational companies with the chance to understand the current situation of business schools and MBA graduates in China. It is reported that World Entrepreneur is a piece of magazine on management under the banner of World Manager Group -- a strategic advisory organ, which takes enterprisers, entrepreneurs and managers as the readers. Other than survey and study on business schools in China and the world held each year, World Entrepreneur also conducts case study and management training directed towards Chinese enterprises together with professors from world-class business schools such as Harvard Business School, Management School of Yale University, Business School of Oxford University and European Institute of Business Administration.


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