Rich Achievements Made on High-level National Research Projects by Our School in 2015

In 2015, our school made rich achievements in scientific research and various research projects creating good results repeatedly, when there were one major project under national fund for social science, one key project and 5 general projects under national fund for social science; 2 priority projects, 2 general projects and 5 youth projects under national fund for natural science, which set consummate end for the "12th Five-year Plan" of our school.


Study on Innovation & Development Strategies Designed for Logistics System of Agricultural Products under New-style Urbanization hosted by Professor Zhang Mingyu was selected as a major project under national fund for social science. It is the third time for our school to win the bid. Besides, this topic was included in the support plan for the first batch of major projects on humanities and social sciences initiated by our school this year.


In 2015, approval has been granted for 6 annual projects under national fund for social science, including one priority project -- Quantitative Method Adopted by Multi-dimensional Industrial Groups to Choose Industry under the Strategy of Investment & Holding prepared by QiuXiaodong, and 5 general projects -- Management System & Operational Mechanism for Water Supplies of China's Urban Areas under New-style Urbanization prepared by Zhou Yaodong, Comparative Study on Modes of Allowance for Public-welfare Transportation by China's Railway Based on Perspective of Game prepared by Tongqiong, Comprehensive Evaluation upon Values of Whole Society Produced by China's High-speed Railway & Related Major Policy Issues on the Coordinated Development of Economy prepared by Lin Xiaoyan, Mechanism of Audit Opinion on Durative Operation to Influence Resource Allocative Effects of Capital Market prepared by Zhang Limin, Game Theory on Concepts behind Goal of Modernization Followed by National Management System prepared by Caiyun.


According to the results of review on projects under centralized processing released by Committee of State Natural Sciences Foundation in 2015, our school have been granted with approval for 9 projects, including 2 priority projects -- Innovation on Intelligent Management over Medical Service & Health Driven by Big Data prepared by Zhang Runtong, Mechanism & Strategy Choice for Coordinated Innovation Towards Innovation Ecosystem of Industrial Platform prepared by Tang Fangcheng; 2 general projects -- Mechanism of Market-oriented Environment to Influence Efficiency of Enterprises' Investment for Innovation: From Micro & Macro Perspective prepared by Cheng Xiaoke, Study on Science & Technology Appraisal Systems of China's Colleges in an Open Environment prepared by Zhoujing; 5 youth projects -- Analysis on Vulnerability of Cascade Formed by Water-supply Pipe Network in Urban Areas under Time-varying Effect and Control Policies prepared by Shuangqing, Multiple Attributive Decision-making Method Based on Regret Theory prepared by Xia Meimei, Equilibrium Model for Corridor Commuting Space and Optimization of Congestion Charging under Uncertainty prepared by Xiao Lingling, Modelling & Analysis During Flexible Operation of Collaborative Logistics Integrating Situation Information prepared by Wangying, Negotiation on Conflicts from PPP Projects and the Control Mechanism.