Successful Briefing Session on 2+2 Program Collaborated with University of Waterloo


From 12:30 to 14:00 on September 25 in 2015, Mr. Yuan Xi, admission officer of Waterloo University in charge of recruiting overseas students in China, hosted a briefing session on 2+2 program under collaboration with University of Waterloo in comprehensive and vivid manners.


Speaking at the session, Mr. Yuan Xi described the life experience in Waterloo University and expounded the teaching idea -- "ideas start here". With innovative spirit at an extraordinary level, University of Waterloo encourages business founding and actively carries out internship programs for students, whose graduates are highly favored by international companies. Then, he introduced dominant disciplines of Waterloo University. In the end, he explained the requirements for students to apply for the 2+2 program.


Business School of Waterloo University has a long-term close relationship with us on academic exchanges and cooperation and established the 2+2 joint training program for undergraduate students of our school majored in economics. Each year, we'll send junior undergraduates to Waterloo University to participate in the 2+2 program. As finishing their studies, those undergraduates can obtain bachelor's degree of both Waterloo University and Beijing Jiaotong University.


Incepted in 1957, University of Waterloo is one of the top comprehensive and research-based universities in Canada, which has been ranked among the top three comprehensive universities many years in a row with their abundant faculty power and rich teaching experience. Located in Waterloo of Ontario Province, the university enjoys lofty academic reputation,. In particular, it is the first university in North America having been approved to set up the mathematics department. Besides, it has the world's largest program on education cooperation. This university is renowned for its cooperative education paying equal attention to learning and practice, whose mathematics and computer science take a leading part in the world.


After Mr. Yuan's excellent introduction, more students learned about Canada and University of Waterloo. Wish our cooperation friendship with University of Waterloo last forever, providing students in both schools with more learning resources.