Economics and Management School of Beijing Jiaotong University



On September 9, 2015, 2015 freshmen of BJTU signed in by the grove on the southern area of the main campus. Teachers and students of Economics and Management School of Beijing Jiaotong University warmly received the new students and demonstrated the high-spirited style of the people of BJTU and the people of Economics and Management School, having left a profound impression on the new students and their parents.


At the peep of dawn, 2015 freshmen began to arrive at the registration site one after another. All schools put up their reception tents and the working persons were fully prepared for the arrival of the new students. Teachers and students wore the cards and patiently answered the questions raised by the freshmen about the new campus life and gave ideas and proposals to the new students for a better life on the campus. With the elapse of the time, there were more and more new students for registration. The working persons kindly requested the accompanying parents to let their children handle the registration all by themselves, which could improve their ability in independently coping with urgent matters and effectively maintain the order of the check-in. The freshmen could conscientiously line up in a polite manner and good order. Therefore, there were not quite many working staff but everything went on in apple-pie order although the registration area was not quite large.


Cao Guoyong, Party Secretary of Beijing Jiaotong University, Gao Yan, Vice Party Secretary, Zheng Guangtian, assistant to the president and other university leaders paid closer attention to the actual registration condition of Economics and Management School. They gave some requirements at the registration site, encouraging the teachers and students involved with the registration work to redouble their efforts for better performance. Leaders of Economics and Management School also gave the conceivable and considerate concern to the freshmen with delicate care and assistance and they repeatedly arrived at the site to answer the questions from the freshmen who were deeply moved by the warmth of the big family of Economics and Management School.


Many freshmen having completed the registration took a stroll on the campus of BJTU together with their parents, enjoying everything on the campus where they will go through the 4-year studies and daily life. They were kindly exposed to the rich culture and excellent scholarly style of BJTU. It is strongly believed that the freshmen are bound to gradually understanding the true meaning of the university motto ¡°knowing and doing¡± and put it into practice to enjoy the excellent university life at BJTU and leave an unforgettable memory in their life.


The registration for 2015 freshmen drew a close at 18:00 and this registration is well organized and conducted in an orderly manner. The working persons provided the heart-to-heart and considerate service, which fully demonstrates the peculiar charm and style of BJTU.