Prof. Zaili Yang of Liverpool John Moores University gave frontier lectures at special invitation

From July 20 to 21, invited by our school, Prof. Zaili Yang of Liverpool John Moores University gave a series of special lectures about "Research status of container supply chains in Europe". Vice President Shi Xianliang of School of Economics and Management, President Zhang Juliang of Sub-School of Management Engineering and teachers, including Zhang Runtong, Ru Yihong, Chang Dan, Huang Anqiang and Zheng Kai, participated in the lectures and exchages.
Prof. Zaili Yang introduced “Research status of container supply chains in Europe” in simple and humorous language, including problems and challenges of container supply chains in Europe. Through case analysis, he discussed practical problems and challenges in current container supply chains and summarized frontier academic research in the field of container supply chains. As for the safety of container supply chains, he introduced relative research of safety of container supply chains and pointed out the future trend of research in this field. Meanwhile, Prof. Zaili Yang listed different essay writing methods in the field and suggested students have innovative thinking, dare try and dare imagine, not lower demand for themselves by only coping with problems. Prof. Zaili Yang also explained settings of graduate supply chains courses in U.K. universities. Student audience responded actively to Prof. Zaili Yang’s lecture and fully discussed their interested problems in their research.
As a chief person of the Seventh Framework project of European Union, Prof. Zaili Yang had a full discussion about international cooperative research of the project.