Chairwoman of U.S.-China Health Summit, Prof. Ma Jing, visited our school

On July 21 morning, 2015, Ma Jing, Chairwoman and Secretary-General of U.S.-China Health Summit and professor of School of Public Health of Harvard University, along with Ms. Gan Lu, Standing Vice Chairwoman, visited our school at invitation of President Zhang Qiusheng. Dean of Department of Public Administration, Associate Prof. Peng Zhaoqi and Ms. Jin Zhucui participated in the meeting.
At beginning of the meeting, President Zhang invited the guests to watch propaganda film of School of Economics and Management. Then, he introduced development and disciplinary advantages of our school and analyzed opportunity and challenge our school facing in the transformation of society. Prof. Ma Jing talked about their experience in international health policy and administration in Harvard University of herself and her husband, Prof. Liu Yuanli, who was President of Public Health of Peking Union Medical College, 1000 Talents Plan expert and founder of U.S.-China Health Summit, as well as their patriotism of dedication to China’s health cause. President Zhang expressed his admiration for couple of Prof. Liu and Prof. Ma’s contribution to China’s public health cause. He said that the disciplines of economics and management had much development potential. Faced with increasing social demand for public utilities, our school had research teams of social security, public administration, health industry and medical logistics, forming some basis for developing the field of health economics and management. Then, Ms. Gan Lu said that economics had been weak for a long time in the medical industry, urgently needing close cooperation and development between medical care and economic research. Therefore, it was highly necessary to establish discipline of health economics and management.
Finally, Prof. Zhang expressed thanks again for two professors’ visit. Both sides reached preliminary unanimous in talk, laying good basis for development of discipline of health economics and management and cooperation in health.