Signing ceremony for employment practice base and Yucheng scholarship between Yucheng Group and Beijing Jiaotong University was held successfully

On July 17 morning, signing ceremony for employment practice base and Yucheng scholarship donation between Yucheng International Holdings Group and Beijing Jiaotong University was held.
Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of School of Economics and Management, Cui Yongmei, made an introduction to development of our university and our school in teaching, research and social service in recent years, as well as enterprises’ investment in scholarship of our school. She thanked Yucheng Group for its support for talents training of our university and our school and hoped that both sides would keep a long-term cooperation with interactive support and win-win.
General Manager Liu Shuang of Recruitment Center of Yucheng International Holdings Group introduced Yucheng Group as a learing, innovating and rapidly growing young enterprise, not only paying attention to students’ score, but also training of their integrated qualities. She also hoped that the establishment of the scholarship would be a start point for future bigger cooperation space with the School of Economics and Management and deeper cooperation in scientific research.
Then, Deputy Director of Liaison Department of Beijing Jiaotong Universtiy and Deputy Secretary General of Foundation of Beijing Jiaotong Universtiy, Xu Jingsong, accepted donation of Yucheng Group and issued a donation certificate. Director of Research Office for Employment Instruction of Department of Recruitment and Employment of Beijing Jiaotong University, Liang Ying, signed an agreement of employment practice base with Yucheng Group on behalf of our university.
Finally, based on co-constructed employment practice base, both sides of university and enterprise had a warm discussion about cooperation on talent training and scientific research. They reached preliminary unanimous about several aspects such as "3+1" or "3+1+2" training model, construction of virtual class of "Yucheng Class", co-constructed training base of senior managers, united development of cases and appointment of part-time professors. Both sides said that the signing was start point of mutual cooperation and hoped that along with the deepening cooperation, there would be closer relationship, more opportunities, incorporating teaching and research with enterprise business and benefitting both sides with "walking out" together and no end of the cooperation.
Zhao Yucong, Sun Yaxi and Liu Jiao of Yucheng Group, Huang Chen of Education Foundation of our university, and relevant staff of Employment Office, Youth League and Social Service and Alumni Office attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.