Prof. Martin Dresner of Robert H.Smith Business School of Maryland University visited our school

From July 8-9, 2015, invited by Sub-School of Management Engineering and Intellectual Introduction Plan, Prof. Martin Dresner of Robert H.Smith Business School of Maryland University visited our school, gave case teaching and academic frontier lecture for undergraduate and graduate students of Logistic Management and instructed doctoral dissertation.
On July 8 morning, Prof. Martin Dresner gave a case teaching for graduate students of Logistic Management, entitled “Global Supply Chain”. He elaborated concept , development and influence of Global Supply Chain and taught new thinking about supply chain development by vivid and practical enterprise cases. Then, doctoral students of Prof. Martin Dresner and doctoral students of Logistic Management and Engineering of our school introduce their research work respectively. After carefully listening to these introductions, Prof. Martin Dresner gave careful instructions and suggestions for their dissertations. Teachers such as Lan Hongjie, Ru Yihong, Xu Jie and Bian Wenliang participated in the lecture.
On July 8 afternoon, President Zhang Qiusheng and Vice President Zhang Li met Vice President of Business School of Maryland University, Gary Cohen, Prof. Martin Dresner and Representative David Liu. Both sides introduced teaching characteristics of Beijing Jiaotong University and Maryland University and reached unanimous about keeping strengthening academic exchange and teaching cooperation. Prof. Ru Yihong, Prof. Lan Hongjie and Assisstant Gu Lin of International Exchange Center of our school attended the meeting.
On July 9 afternoon, Prof. Martin Dresner gave an academic lecture of “Logistics Challenges in the Global Economy: An Academic Perspective” for master students of logistic engineering. Doctoral students of logistic management and engineering summarized that the great challenges that influenced present development of logistics included saving cost, improving service, protecting environment, enhancing efficiency, applying new technology, etc. These challenges have been there all the time but have not been solved well. Today’s complicated and competent environment urged them solved. During the lecture, doctoral students of logistic management and engineering had a good interaction with teachers and students in a good atmosphere. Dean of Department of Logistic Management, Li Yisong, and Mu Dong, Zhao Qilan, Fu Shaochuan, Lan Hongjie, Tian Yuan, Zhang Keming, Xu Jie, Zheng Kai, Song Bohui and Song Guang attended the lecture.