Smooth Holding of the Founding Conference for the Alumni Council of 2015 University Graduates of School of Economics and Management

On July 2nd, 2015, the founding conference for the Alumni Council of 2015 university graduates of the School of Economics and Management was smoothly held at Sidong 611. vice secretary of Party Committee of the school, vice-president Cui Yongmei, office director for the moral education of the postgraduates, Tanjie, instructor of Youth League Committee Zhang Xinying attended the meeting and made a speech. The conference was presided over by the office director for social services and alumni, Fengyao.  
Cui Yongmei expressed deep blessing for the 2015 university graduates participating the meeting, and said the School of Economics and Management is not only the institution of higher learning for the regular 4-year college course ,but also the life long homeland for alumni, supporter for growth. She hoped that the establishment of the Council is able to set up the bridge for the communication between the college and graduate alumni, giving full play to the leading role of the each member of council, promoting work in all areas by drawing upon the experience gained on key points, providing service to the entire graduate alumni. Finally, she expressed the great vision of building an influential alumni culture and donation culture.  
Zhang Xinying mentioned the significance of alumni work in the talent cultivation, hoping that they have the courage to carry responsibilities, grasp the precious opportunities, and actively take part in the alumni activities, well get the first baton for the council work of graduate alumni.
Tanjie expressed that graduation is another kind of continuation of school life, she encouraged students to actively take part in the social practices, pay attention to the accumulation of life experiences, develop the good habits of paying close attention to, discovering, excavating the information, she also expressed the true blessing for the paths of future school attending and employment obtaining of the graduates.
The student representatives Han Linyan, Zhouchao respectively read out the regulations for the Alumni Council of the graduates, the proposed name list of the Alumni Council for 2015 graduates, and won the unanimous approval of the conference, the 2015 graduates’ Alumni Council was officially established. Soon afterwards, Cui Yongmei, Tanjie, Zhang Xinying of the three teachers respectively issued the letter of appointment to the president , vice president, and members of the council.  
Fengyao welcomed every graduate to join the big family of alumni, and from the "alumni information platform"?"alumni’s featured activities ", "alumni’s donation culture" etc. of multiple aspects, she introduced alumni work of the School of Economics and Management, calling on the graduates to join the alumni organization, actively take part in the alumni activities, and hoping that a new situation of college serving the alumni, and alumni regurgitation feeding the college shall be initiated with the power of the public.  
At the conference, combining the their self-experiences, the members of the council put forward the suggestions such as the strengthening of alumni work publicity, improving of the internship and employment information of the alumni enterprise, the developing of the European Alumni Association, the enriching of the donation forms, the building of the donation atmosphere etc.. They spoke highly of the establishment of the Council coinciding with the timing, expressing that upon having the honor to win the last item of laurel, meanwhile they shall become more active in performing their duties and sparing no efforts in making their own contributions for the construction and development of the college, and the growth and progress of the alumni.  
Teachers from the social services and alumni office, Liu Dujuan, Zhuqing, and 16 members of the council together attended the conference.