Beijing Great Pride Team of Our School Winning Success Again in the Nationwide Middle and Higher Learning Institutions¡¯ ¡°Sville Cup¡± BIM Contest

In May 2015, sponsored by China Construction Education Association, undertaken by Shenzhen Sville Science and Technology Co., Ltd. the sixth nationwide middle and higher learning institutions’ student “Sville Cup” construction information model (BIM) application skills competition finals dropped down the curtain eventually at Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Harbin Institute of Technology. After going through the selections layer upon layers such as the network promotion event, regional selection, site finals of the three steps lasting more than 6 months, Beijing Great Pride Team of our school overcame all the difficulties all the way, and made it to the finals, then relying on the team advantages, recreated the good result, finally won the all-round second prize of the nationwide finals, schools’ outstanding organization award, outstanding instructor award and good scores in multiple special items. Among the nationwide 317 academies and more than ,320 teams, the performance’s general ranking of Beijing Great Pride Team of our school is as follows:group’s total score of the 22nd, project management and bidding toolbox of No.8, the three-dimensional computation and list pricing of No. 52, structural design and structural analysis of No. 100, energy conservation design and sunlight analysis of No.8, architectural design of No.38, construction projects VR simulation system of No.18 and installation computation and list pricing of No. 50, compared to the scores of the last year, there is a slight rising up. The issue that is most worth celebrating is that, in the competition this year, the project management and bidding toolbox group of our school won the first place in the northern competition area.  
As the competition worthy of the brand in the building software industry, the nationwide middle and higher learning institutions student "Sville Cup" building information model (BIM)application skills competition has been held successfully for five sessions from 2009 till now. The competition covers eight major special items, requiring the team members of the different specialties to cooperate with each other for the teamwork, cultivating the students’ teamwork cooperation competence and BIM application practical skills. In addition, due to the BIM technology being as the informationalized core technology of the building field, it contributes to the realization of the entire construction project’s data sharing and cooperative work of the whole stage, is able to effectively enhance the quality and efficiency of the entire engineering technical projects.  

The engineering management specialty of Schools of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University is, under the care of leaders from School of Economics and Management, with the full support of department head professor Liu Yisheng and teaching department teacher Gao Guilian, continues the participation of the competition starting from teacher Liu Jing organizing students for participating in the first session. Due to the needs of the competition, the participating teams are mainly the students from engineering management specialty, with the cooperation from the students of civil engineering specialty and architectural art specialty. The competition shall launch the network promotion event from December each year, continuing all the way till the site finals of May. Though there is the need for the multi-specialty cooperation for longer time of duration, with the unremitting efforts of the teachers and students of our college, we have made the outstanding achievements in the competition every year.
Compared to the competitions of the previous sessions, the competition scale this year is bigger, the amount of the participating teams creates new high among all previous sessions. For the finals of this session, there are total 317 competition participating academies, covering all the provinces in the mainland, including Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Tongji University, Chongqing University etc.. of numerous “985” and “211” key universities. The competition of this session is divided into two stages which are network promotion event and site finals. At the network promotion event stage (Dec. 2014 to Mar. 15th, 2015), via the network platform, more than 3000 entries from over 2700 competition participating teams from 380 schools nationwide have been received in total. The participating number for this competition exceeds 10000 personnel, the participating specialties extensively involve multiple directions of full life circle of BIM construction engineering, including architecture, civil engineering, engineering management, construction cost, building environment and equipment engineering, energy conservation design etc..Beijing Great Pride Team of our school has two students of level 12 engineering management specialty, two students from level 11 architecture specialty, one student from level 12 civil engineering, relying on the team advantages, overcoming all the difficulties all the way and making it to the finals, then eventually achieving the outstanding results.  
Finally, the contest of the 6th session shall be held synchronously by Shandong Architecture University, Sichuan University, Hainan University at the corresponding period of next year, let us jointly look forward to the better results made by Beijing Jiaotong University !