Chew EK Peng(vice Prof. Singapore State University) Arrived at our College for Lecture

Invited by Management Engineering Affiliated College under Talent Access Program on July 3, 2015, Mr. Chew EK PENG(Zhou Yiping, vice Prof, Singapore State University, majoring in Industrial Engineering) was asked to make a academic lecture in front of teachers and students in our college, and make interaction and exchange with us. Mr. Zhang Juliang Prof, Mr. Zhou Jianqin (secretary), Li Yisong (director of Logistics Management Department) and Ru Erhong, Ding Jingzhi, Tian Yuan, Zheng Kai, Huang Di (teacher for the college) all attended such exchanges.
On this morning, Prof. Zhou made academic lecture titled as Storage Yard Management for Transshipment Container Terminal. For this lecture, by an example of Singapore port, Prof. Zhou elaborated former key contents of port operation, issues and relevant solutions that port development faces with now, which greatly enriched students understanding for port logistics. In this afternoon, he still made an academic lecture titled as How to Do Research. The lecture involved with full process from subject selection to seeking for proper methods, and then to publishing some thesis and relevant issues relating to each process. During lecture, Prof. Zhou created closer interaction with students and had better discussion.
Chew EK Peng (Zhou Yiping, vice Prof.) graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology Industrial Engineering Department, enjoyed for good fame of industrial engineering field. He currently acts as vice director for Singapore State University Industrial Engineering Department, and acts as chief editor of the Asia Pacific Journal of Operational Research, and acts as an edition commission member for several journals (i.e. OR Spectrum). He engaged on studying port logistics, sea transport, warehousing management and simulation analog and optimization, he even published several thesis at some top-class journals, such as European Journal of Operational Research, IIE Transactions, Naval Research Logistics, and Transportation Science.