Prof. Shen Zuojun of University of California-Berkeley gave lesson and lecture in our school

On June 19, 2015, invited by Sub-School of Management Engineering and Intellectual Introduction Plan, Prof. Shen Zuojun of Department of Industrial Engineering and Operational Research visited our school, giving lesson for undergraduate students and giving lecture for graduate students and teachers. In the morning, Prof. Shen gave lesson of Management Operational Research for undergraduate students. The lesson content was one of classical models of management science, Newsboy Model. Prof. Shen insisted on using blackboard other than PPT in his lessons. He first started with a simple example in life to make people think about how to give orders, then derive the optimal order strategy and analyzed key factors influencing order strategy. Prof. Shen’s lesson explained profound theories in simple language with unique teaching method, emphasizing direct sense of formula and making students feel teaching style of world famous university in a relaxing atmosphere.
During his visit, Prof. Shen Zuojun communicated deeply with teachers and students of our school and gave an academic lecture of Service Region Design for Urban Electric Vehicle Sharing System. The lecture was hosted by Dean of Department of Logistic Management, Li Yisong. More than 20 people listened to the lecture, including Fu Shaochuan, Hua Guowei and Huang Anqiang. Prof. Shen’s lecture was funny, practical, deep and carefully prepared, which benefited audience very much. Many graduate students and teachers raised deep questions and their own opinions to Prof. Shen. After the lecture, participants had a deep communication and discussion with Prof. Shen.
Prof. Shen Zuojun graduated from major of industrial engineering and management science in U.S. Northwestern University. He is renowned in the field of risk control of supplying chains. His research focuses on plan and design of supplying chains, optimal transport application, etc. He was in charge of many U.S. National Science Foundation projects, won the 2003 NSFCAREER Award and the 2008 Chuck ReVelle Rising Star Award of American INFORMS Association, and published over 70 papers on international top journals such as Operations Research and Management Science. He is Chairmen of several sub associations of American INFORMS Association, deputy chief editors of Operations Research, Naval Research Logistics, and Journal of Flexible Services and Manufacturing, and editors of several international top journals.