Prof. Ding Chengri of University of Maryland gave a lecture in Sub-School of Economy at invitation

From 6:00-8:00 pm on June 16, 2015, invited by Sub-School of Economy, professor of Department of City Planning of University of Maryland and Director of Research Center of Chinese City Development and Land Policy, Ding Chengri, gave an academic lecture of "World megacities development: regularity, challenge, policy countermeasure and assessment" in Sidong 611. The lecture was hosted by Associate Prof. Chen Peihong. More than 40 teachers and students attended the lecture, including Prof. Rong Chaohe, Prof. Zhao Jian, President Prof. Lin Xiaoyan, Prof. Zhou Yaodong, Associate Prof. Gao Weihong, Prof. Wu Jianhong, Associate Prof. Chen Juan, etc.
In the lecture, Prof. Ding Richeng first led the audience to thinking about megacity development using several questions such as "Why huge (mega) cities population breakthrough planned scale time and time again", "Why problems (city illness) faced to huge (mega) cities did not stop cities continuous growth"? Then, he revealed regularities of world megacities development using empirical analysis and gave a deep research on relevant policies of city development in Japan and South Korea. Based on this, he put forward correspondent countermeasures and assessing system for challenges faced to city development.
In the segment of exchange, Prof. Ding Chengri had warm communication and discussion with participant teachers and students.