Assistant Prof. Zhou Jiangping of Australian Queensland University gave a lecture in Sub-School of Economy at invitation

From 20:00-21:30 on June 16, 2015, invited by Sub-School of Economy, Assistant Prof. Zhou Jiangping of Australian Queensland University gave an academic lecture of “Chinese cities: style, relationship between occupation and residence, transport efficiency” in Sidong 611. The lecture was hosted by Associate Prof. Chen Peihong. More than 40 teachers and students attended the lecture, including Prof. Rong Chaohe, Prof. Zhao Jian, President Prof. Lin Xiaoyan, Prof. Zhou Yaodong, Prof. Wu Jianhong, Associate Prof. Gao Weihong, Associate Prof. Chen Juan, etc.
In the lecture, Assistant Prof. Zhou Jiangping focused on relationship between occupation and residence. Through analysis on city styles of foreign developed countries and big city styles of China, he put forward a new academic thinking of guiding city planning by value concept. Based on this, he gave a brand new explanation to the phenomenon of occupation and residence in Beijing. He also put forward future development potential of Beijing’s public transport based on public transport efficiency gained through his research using quantitative methods.
In the segment of exchange, Zhou Jiangping had warm communication and discussion with participant teachers and students.