Breakthrough contest of the third national elite contest of management cases in 2015 was held successfully

On June 2, 2015, breakthrough contest of the third national elite contest of management cases in 2015 was held in Siyuan East Building 611. Four teams of graduate students from majors of MBA, accounting, audit and asset assessment participated in the contest. Judges of the contest included Ma Zhong, Gu Yuanxun, He Lin, Li Yuanhui and Zhang Lili.
The contest had three segments: demonstration and interaction, teachers’ comments, and awarding.
Contest process: everyone had their own strong points
This contest had case analysis aimed at "International entrepreneurship road of CooTek: like flowers blooming inside the wall but smelling outside". Each team demonstrated for limited time of 12 minutes. The contest started from 19:00 to 21:30 at night. Four participant teams had their own strong points and demonstrate style of students from School of Economics and Management of Beijing Jiaotong University, with full preparation, wonderful demonstration, fluent explanation, deep analysis and professional answers.
Teachers’ comments: pierced to the heart of the matter with application of smart power
After the segments of demonstration and interaction, Ma Zhong and Gu Yuanxun gave comments. Ma Zhong said that each team performed high standards in contest. He suggested that each team make their key points stand out during 12 minutes of case analysis with integrated characteristics and arrange time schedule for better thinking. Gu Yuanxun pointed out that the case contest should bear characteristics of "think with concepts and talk with data" in order to show standards of case thinking pathways and PPT compilation. He also said that each team should make key points stand out to show profession and key points and avoid complexion resulted from comprehensive roll out.
Finally, "flowers and teenagers" team got the first place, "brain storm" team got the second, "five people" and "three-party meeting" teams tied for the third. Chen Wen, Chen Yang, Dong Hua, Kang Ruiqiang and Xu Mingrui received the honor of excellent team members.
This campus breakthrough contest effectively promote students’ abilities of integrated analysis and policy making, accumulating valuable experience for later participation in promotion contest of the third national elite contest of management cases in 2015.