EDAF tutor Prof. Arnaud gave our school instruction for relative work of development plan and international certification

From May 25 to 29, 2015, senior international consultant of our school, EDAF tutor and former President of Rouen Business School of France, Prof. Arnaud Langlois-Meurinne paid a business visit to our school. During his visit, Prof. Arnaud met Vice President Chen Feng of our university, discussed about the 13th Five Year Development Plan, talent training, scientific research, social service, internal contact, staff training, disciplinary construction, international cooperation and communication, resource condition construction, etc. He also looked some office facilities of our school located in the Sci-Tech Tower.
As Chairman of Assessment Experts Committee of EQUIS and EPAS certifications and member and tutor of EDAF Committee, Prof. Arnaud had over 20 years management experience in international first class business school. He gave some considerable instruction and relevant advice for development plan of our school from the viewpoint of international certification. President Zhang Qiusheng, Party Secretary Zhang Mingyu and other school leaders exchanged opinion with Prof.Arnaud concerning relative issues about development plan of our school and international certification.
Prof. Arnaud made a five-day comprehensive communication and deep discussion respectively with research group of the 13th Five Year Plan of school, leaders in charge of talents training, scientific research, international communication and cooperation, resource condition construction, and other relative people. He also gave clear advice for follow-up improvement of school management based on current status and problem of school development. All the members of research group of the 13th Five Year Plan of school, leaders of Office of international certification and other relative departments and some teachers participated in the meeting.
On May 29, our school invited Senior International Relationship Vice President of School of Economics and Management of Tongji University and former President of European Management College in France, Prof. Jerome BON, to introduce the experience of international certification of School of Economics and Management of Tongji University, providing valuable comments and suggestions for making and implementation of international strategy of our school.