School of Economics and Management held 2015 seminar of talents training

In order to implement the requirements of 2015 talents training meeting of the university, School of Economics and Management held talents training seminar in Siyuang East Building Room 611 on June 1. More than 40 people attended the seminar, including Deputy Party Secretary of the University Yan Wuer, Standing Vice President of Graduate School Liu Zhiang, Deputy Director of Teaching Affairs Department Yi Lixin, Deputy Director of Enrollment and Job Department Liu Dongping, Director of Training Office of Graduated School Lin Kui, leaders of the School, representatives of tutors and lecture teachers, graduate students and administrators of undergraduate teaching. The seminar was hosted by Party Secretary of the School Zhang Mingyu.
As Party Secretary Zhang Mingyu said, our school was an experimental school, so our school implemented disciplinary head system in talents training of undergraduate students, academic graduate students and professional degree graduate students. This seminar was held around the address of President Ning Bin in the university 2015 talents training meeting, based on actual condition of School of Economics and Management and with 6 themes. On the seminar, head representatives of undergraduate students, academic graduate students and professional degree graduate students gave theme speech and then all participants had a free discussion.
First, Liu Yisheng, Li Yisong and Feng Hua spoke about training of undergraduate students. Liu Yisheng analyzed and put forward improving ideas from three aspects of abroad manager project class, big category of undergraduate enrollment and training years limit of Ph.D. students. Li Yisong elaborated training models of logistic management and engineering profession from two aspects of constructions of lessons and practicing platforms. Feng Hua put forward specific reform measures of teacher assessment, lesson management and innovation and entrepreneurship education from two aspects of undergraduate economic majors construction and class teaching.
As for training of academic graduate students, Ma Zhong, Ye Shujun and Zhou Jianqin spoke in sequence. Based on the achievement-oriented educational concept, Ma Zhong said that training level, orientation and quality of accounting graduate students could be assessed by three elements of paper, training process and job practice. Ye Shujun introduced the circumstances of finance major construction, the characteristics of finance major training, as well as gave policy advice of enrollment and talents introduction. Zhou Jianqin discussed talents training model of management disciplines from four aspects of profession status, training objectives, students quality and training methods.
As for training of professional degree graduate students, Liu Yisheng, Zuo Li and Cheng Xiaoke spoke. Liu Yisheng suggested that make different professional degree essay standards based on their characteristics in future reform of professional degree graduate students training. Zuo Li introduced training circumstances and future assumption of MBA major from three aspects of enrollment situation, training by teaching and integration of training and enrollment. Cheng Xiaoke mainly spoke about institutional innovation of teachers introduction and cultivation of students learning initiatives.
Then, school leaders, teachers and leaders of university, graduated school, teaching affairs department, enrollment and job department had free discussion about reform of talents training.
Secretary Yan gave school praise for achievements in talents training quality. He emphasized that our school should take advantage of the university’s permission to enroll based on our own disciplinary setting other than big category of disciplines to select high quality students in undergraduate enrollment so as to promote enrollment and management of undergraduate students. He pointed out that our school should exploit special characteristic of an experimental school and continue exploring deeply in future reform.
Other leaders also gave very appropriate suggestion in the senimar.
Teacher of the school also raise some improving suggestion and measures in aspects of dealing with teacher and student relationship, strengthening encouragement for teachers commitment to teaching, improving academic graduate students training quality and research ability.
Secretary Zhang Mingyu finally made a closing speech. He said that the school paid high attention to talents training. Based on characteristics of an experimental school and ideas and suggestions of university leaders and school teachers, in future, the school will work hard on exploring and deepening talents training reform and promote talents training quality of the school.