Prof. Li Zhijun of Development Research Center of the State Council gave a lecture in Sub-School of Economics on invitation

From 15:00-17:00, May 28, 2015, invited by Sub-School of Economics, Editor-in-Chief of Management World, Prof. Li Zhijun of Development Research Center of the State Council gave an academic lecture of Think Tank and Policy Assessment in Sidong 611. The lecture was hosted by Vice President of Sub-School of Economics, Associate Prof. Li Weidong. Nearly 30 people attended this lecture, including President of Sub-School, Prof. Lin Xiaoyan, Party Secretary Prof. Bu Wei, Vice President Prof. Zhou Yaodong, Prof. Zhao Jian, Prof. Wu Jianhong, Prof. Tong Qiong and other teachers and graduate students.

In the lecture, Prof. Li Zhijun first quoted several big events in recent years resulted from policy to put forward importance of policy assessment. Then, he went to the theme of think tank and policy assessment based on state policy documents and central Party committee requirement. Prof. Li Zhijun gave a deep and detailed explanation of think tank and policy assessment from five aspects including why assess policy, basic concepts of relative policy assessment, experience and practice of foreign policy assessment, current status, problems and institution construction of China’s policy assessment, status and function of think tank in policy assessment. He also put forward some special ideas and suggestion about how to establish think tank and how to use think tank for policy assessment.

In the period of communication, Prof. Li Zhijun had a hot discussion with participant teachers and students.

Brief introduction to Li Zhijun
Ph.D of Economics, Professor of Development Research Center of the State Council, Editor-in-Chief of Management World, Expert enjoying the special government allowance.
Social part time job:
Deputy Director of Chinese Society of Technology Economics
Vice President of China Enterprise Evaluation Association
Review expert of National Social Science Fund
Member of Consultant Committee for Biological Industry Development of National Development and Reform Commission
Expert of Key Laboratory of Disaster Assessment and Risk Prevention of Ministry of Civil Affairs
Consultant Expert of Technology Market Development of Ministry of Science and Technology
Part time professors of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Technology and Chongqing Technology and Business University
Editors of Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics, Technical Economy, Chinese Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology Economy and Management, and Asian Innovation Policy (English).